The walls are done

Weather wise the day wasn’t bad.Overall, Today was a good day!

The framing for the walls are done and so is the walls themselves. We used paneling and a little drywall to finish out the walls.Really the walls are facing the living room and I sectioned off an area for the cats.

My area still needs drywall and carpet.It still needs to be cleaned out. Yesterday was payday so we went and paid bills, got some groceries. We went to Walmart twice yesterday, once in the early afternoon and once around 9 pm. Both times it was CRAZY. I’ve never seen our Walmart that packed , this was worse than any Black Friday I’ve ever seen.

We still need to hang the door up and buy a handle for it. I’m hoping maybe tomorrow I will be able to get in there and start to make it mine.The inside walls will need drywall to be completely finished.I still have to scrub the door down,give it a good cleaning. I might replace the screen on it as of right now it’s really not a priority . I’m going to be painting one wall that already has drywall on it.

The paneling needs a little touching up before I sand and paint it. I.m going to have 3 windows in my area.Since we enclosed the tip out it took away a lot of natural lighting so I’m using a screen door to help with some of the lighting. The new wall in the living room is going to be painted white. I’m using paint we already have so no out of pocket expense there.

With doing the walls the living room became a work zone and a disaster area. It’s not a work zone now but there is still a mess that has to be dealt with. I did get the carpet vacuumed.The couch was moved our coffee table is a footlocker it needs to be moved in front of the couch. I’m thinking of getting an area rug for under the coffee table in front of the couch.

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4 thoughts on “The walls are done

  1. Wow you guys don’t mess around! You’re getting so much done so fast. It will be nice when it’s all finished 🙂


    1. It seems like it. It took 2 days to get the tip out to where it’s at. We put the walls up early Saturday Morning before the hubby had to go to work. I’m going to scrub the walls down and try and get some of it painted tomorrow.

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  2. I might not painting after this.I still have the bottom cabinets in the kitchen to paint.I painted one door and quit after that.The doors need to be taken off , scrubbed and sanded before they are painted.For that I need my hubby to be home so he can referee the cats.


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