Livingroom Update

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I posted. Last month we decided to paint our living room. The majority of the room walls a dark gray with a very small section green. We painted everything white except for the green section as we ran out of white paint. We used only what we had on hand and didn’t buy any paint.

Before we painted the walls, we stripped the carpet and padding. The carpet was in very bad shape. No amount of cleaning helped. We decided to put plywood over the existing flooring. The white walls did brighten up the place.

As you can see the little bit of gray over my craft room door. The white paint did cover 3 walls. We are going to buy more white paint sometime down the road but for now this works. Iam thinking of painting my door but I’m not sure what color to paint it. I have several chalk paints.

The living room is “done” for now. All the furniture is where I wanted it to be placed. I will post pictures of the finished living room later.

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Kitchen part 2

Is the kitchen 100 % done. No, not by a long shot. At least the floor under the stove is fixed and it’s level. The 2 layers of linoleum is gone. Those are pluses in my book. My kitchen isn’t everyones cup of tea and that is okay. Everyone should have their own mark on their kitchens and the whole house as well. I used everything I had to get better organized in the kitchen. The kitchen could use a paint job but since it’s still winter it will have to wait.

The trunks are there as a holding place until I find another cabinet or bookcase. The base cabinets need to be sanded and painted. Beyond the door is our pantry, fridge and freezer.

The floor is needs to be finished just waiting on hubby to bring more plywood home from his job. This works for us for now. It functions and that is all that matters . It could be completely done with drywall, paint and a finished floor but when you are on a budget , YOU do what you can with what you have and make do with what you already have on hand.

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The Porch

Its been 5 months since I last posted anything on my Blog. I didn’t feel like I had anything to write about as far as home life and home decorating. I haven’t been offline , I’ve been posting on my Scrapbook/journaling Instagram page. As far as our home , We’ve been stripping carpet . moving rooms around. Everything is still upside down but slowly making progress.

The shelf is right by our front door . It offers a place for plants and other catch alls. The grill is on the longest side of our porch. The hubby built frames so we can enclose the porch before winter gets here.

The longest side of the porch. As you can see there is wood for the frames to enclose the porch. We rearranged the porch a few weeks ago to see what it looked like and to see if we would like the new arrangement, so far, we like how it looks and it is working out for us.

Hubby didn’t want to be in the pictures so he to a break to burn some wood while I took a few pictures. The dresser is one that we got from our neighbor The cart was thrifted years ago and I spray painted last years or the year before. The bench was a dumpster dive find from Hubbys job. The frames are up . we just have to put plastic on them and then put the frames back in place. The yard is a lot cleaner than it use to be, We are planning on putting a shed in the back corner, where the ladder currently is. The camera wires need to be placed back up but the birds keep knocking them down. Next week we will be putting out our Christmas decorations and the porch is one area I really want to Decorate this year.

We’ve been going through some things here in the Mobile Home Park for the past few months and I didn’t want to post a lot of negativity on my blog.

I hope that you are all doing well. I hope that you have a GREAT THANKSGIVING and that you can spend it with you loved ones.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog post.

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These flowers were from seeds I planted last year. I didn’t expect anything to grow . I’m happy that there are flowers and I didn’t have to replant anything. The other side needs something but I’m not sure if I want to plant flowers or some type of bush or anything at all.

The hubby and I keep discussing moving back to our other Mobile Home . The cost and if we remodel it. It might be just put back the original way and live in for a little while.

My friend gave me this cabinet , I have to move somethings around in the kitchen . I’m still working on the kitchen. I like the chippyness of the cabinet . It was cleaned but I’ll have to go back over it again.

We bought the stove off of Facebook Market place at the beginning of the month. The leg needs to reattached and some parts we have to get. It’s a gas stove. I’ve been wanting an old/vintage stove for a very long time. It’s in our storage unit for now. Once, we find the parts it needs , we will begin to work on it . It might go in our other Mobile Home or it might go in a whole different home.

We are looking at Moving out of the Mobile Home Park and looking into moving to a different part of the state.. Nothing is written in stone , we are keeping our options open. The hubby has his job for now. Hubby was told he had a job until September but wasn’t guaranteed anything after that.

So, that might be an opportune time to move or stay here and deal with everything that is going on with the Mobile Home Park. We will see as time goes. We are saving money for whatever situation occurs.

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Update of sorts 2

This is what I did get done. The totes and the things on them have to be gone through. All the dishes are done and put away. The single painted door was done a while back , I didn’t like the color so I quit painting and it remains the same.

It’s late here and I can’t really make a lot of noise so I will vacuum tomorrow. I’m more than likely going to be really sore tomorrow after moving one big piece of furniture and putting in a smaller one.

I did manage to keep the smaller appliances that get used in the new cabinet. I have another small metal cabinet that houses 2 small crocks, frying pans and the hubbys deep fryer.

We need to put a piece of drywall on the upper part of the wall? I was thinking about a shelf of some sort and maybe some hooks. I have Cast Iron that I’d like to hang/ display.

So, for now this is how it is. Tomorrow is another day. The last time I moved furniture around , I was out of commission for two days. I’m hoping that , that doesn’t happen.

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Updates of sorts

It’s been a long time since I posted anything on my Blog. Am I embarrassed , yes to a point. I’ve been struggling Mentally over the last few months, of which a lot of it was out of my control. It still affects me because of where we live.

The kitchen became a dumping ground for a lot of stuff. Really the whole house has but I did manage to get the living room cleaned and it’s still relativity clean. I gave up my craft room to our cats. So, now the hubby and I share the game room/office area.

I did clean the kitchen by that I mean doing the dishes and putting them away I took out the big cabinet as I felt crowded by it. I did replace it with a small mental kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is just waiting for me to put things in the smaller cabinet.

Now that the small cabinet is where the big one is I have wall space and I had to decide what goes and what stays.

We own 2 mobile homes in the Mobile home park we live in . One has not electric , which we have to fix so we can possibly move back into it. The one we live in now is slowly falling apart. No matter what we do to fix one area another seems to be needing attention.

Last night Hubby and I were talking and he said he was ready to move . We have several neighbors is nice to your face then runs to the landlord . Within the last year several people have moved in then moved out. Between the drugs, the fighting and a few other things , it’s too much.

We had a small garden last year but it doesn’t seem like is going to happen this year. Flowers are ok but growing food is shunned . I’m thinking about doing containers but still not sure because of the neighbors.

We will stay here as long as we have to but if we can go sooner , we will.

I take it one day at a time and stay to myself. It sucks that I find myself staying more and more inside my home. I’m slowly getting better . My Journaling has helped. I really enjoy myself when I’m doing that.

The top of the cabinet needs to be fixed . I put a piece of wood under just to give it a lift. Everything that is in the tote came from the bigger cabinet. I need to wash everything and decide if I’m keeping all it. The kitchen is that bad now just very unorganized. So, That is what I’m going to be working on since I have some Mental clarity and energy to do it.

I’ll post pictures and write another post when I get everything put away. I’ll go more into maybe us moving out of the Mobile Home Park.

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Please take care of yourself for yourself!!!!

What was my bedroom

What was my bedroom is now my Crafting room. I added 2 foldout tables .

The second table is for my laptop and I use it also for some ironing that I do for projects that I’ve been working on.

I hung twinkling Christmas lights up to help with the non lighting area and to bring in some coziness. I still am trying to figure out storage solutions for the fabrics, paints , books and the scrapbooking paper packs .

Over Christmas I bought a lot of Scrapbooking paper packs to help me in my journaling and junk journaling. Also went to the thrift store to see if I could find things to go along with that.

I did buy fabrics that Goodwill marked as Materials. I also bought a box of ribbon to use on different projects.

A few things I made . I was taking pictures and Ezio decided that he should be in at least one picture.

I will be posting pictures of what I did with my journal and junk journaling later.

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It’s beginning to look like Christmas

This year we decided to put up a real wreath.

We were going to buy a real tree this year but decided against it because of our cats and neither one of us wants to be picking up the pine needles that fall from the tree.

We decided to not put a tree up at least in our living room. I have a small semi-flocked tree in my bedroom. It’s not decorated as of yet. We did put out our Santas and some of our Christmas decorations.

I still have to decorate my china cabinet and a few other places in the living room. I’m thinking about putting up our musical string lights. My desk is decorated but I still need to add the pinecones to a basket that is sitting on my desk.

I decided that I didn’t want the desk to be overcrowded with Christmas Decor. I kept it fairly simple this year. I might add fairie lights to it but I’m not sure because of the cats.

We still have some cleaning and moving things around so it will feel extra homey. I still have a lot more Christmas Decor but this is pretty much what we put out so far.

This area still needs to be completed . The stereo is doing under the pallet. We might have got a late start with Christmas Decorating but at least we have some out.

I hope everyone is doing well.

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New room

The new room is done minus some trim and the door not being changed out. The door is the same door that my son postered.

I used everything I already had on hand with the exception of drop cloths. The brown dresser and bed were bought from family . The drop cloths are used as curtains. We paid 10.00 a piece fr them and there are 3 in the room.

The table is a make shift desk , the chair was a Goodwill find. The rug was mislabeled , it said that it was a 7×9 and actually it’s 8×10, we paid 40.00 for it. The rug covers the carpet underneath.

The cabinet is two separate pieces both from Goodwill . I painted the top to match the both. The closet still needs the trim to be put back up. Still need to hang pictures on the walls.

This is my bedroom as my Hubby went back to work and now is on daylight. With me being up and down most nights it’s hard for him to get any sleep. This is working for both of us. I’m a night owl and I prefer to do things at night. I’m in the front of our Mobile Home and he is in the middle. I don’t vacuum in the middle of the night. I do a lot of cleaning at night though.

The paint was a mis tint that we got from Busy Beaver Hardware. The paint can wasn’t labeled as to what the color was.

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Start of the room

We have been busy with fixing, repairing the room.

We expanded the walls on the closet. It looks so much better now . The room is put together now so there will be a blog post on that. It took a while to get things together with the room. The door took longer than expected but it is done for the most part. We are going to replace the door sometime down the road.

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