Livingroom Update

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I posted. Last month we decided to paint our living room. The majority of the room walls a dark gray with a very small section green. We painted everything white except for the green section as we ran out of white paint. We used only what we had on hand and didn’t buy any paint.

Before we painted the walls, we stripped the carpet and padding. The carpet was in very bad shape. No amount of cleaning helped. We decided to put plywood over the existing flooring. The white walls did brighten up the place.

As you can see the little bit of gray over my craft room door. The white paint did cover 3 walls. We are going to buy more white paint sometime down the road but for now this works. Iam thinking of painting my door but I’m not sure what color to paint it. I have several chalk paints.

The living room is “done” for now. All the furniture is where I wanted it to be placed. I will post pictures of the finished living room later.

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Kitchen part 2

Is the kitchen 100 % done. No, not by a long shot. At least the floor under the stove is fixed and it’s level. The 2 layers of linoleum is gone. Those are pluses in my book. My kitchen isn’t everyones cup of tea and that is okay. Everyone should have their own mark on their kitchens and the whole house as well. I used everything I had to get better organized in the kitchen. The kitchen could use a paint job but since it’s still winter it will have to wait.

The trunks are there as a holding place until I find another cabinet or bookcase. The base cabinets need to be sanded and painted. Beyond the door is our pantry, fridge and freezer.

The floor is needs to be finished just waiting on hubby to bring more plywood home from his job. This works for us for now. It functions and that is all that matters . It could be completely done with drywall, paint and a finished floor but when you are on a budget , YOU do what you can with what you have and make do with what you already have on hand.

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Start of the room

We have been busy with fixing, repairing the room.

We expanded the walls on the closet. It looks so much better now . The room is put together now so there will be a blog post on that. It took a while to get things together with the room. The door took longer than expected but it is done for the most part. We are going to replace the door sometime down the road.

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Progress on room

As you know my son moved out and we started cleaning it and attempting to take posters and book pages off of the door and part of a wall.

This is before I started to strip the poster and pictures.

This is the after with “damage” done to the paint on the wall and door. I’m not worried so much about the door as I am about the wall. I took of the top of the drywall covering trying to get the pictures off the wall. I had planned on taking all the paint off the door just so I can repaint it.

The door had the poster and two different paint colors on it. So, I still need to finish taking off the remaining paint , lightly sand it and repaint it again. That should be interesting to see how it goes.

Hubby did finish the closet, he made the outside walls bigger. That will be in another blog post. Tomorrow we will be back in the room hopefully to finish the door and primer and painting the walls.

We took my son shopping yesterday so he could get a few more things that he wanted. He likes his new place.

We don’t have a lot to do in the room it’s just time consuming. I’m hoping to have my things in there by next weekend. I’m still deciding on how I want the room to look and feel, the paint color will have a deciding factor on that.

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The work begins

I started working on the mess that was on the wall that my son had left. I remembered why I dislike Wallpaper and wall boarders so much.

It takes a lot of time, effort and patience to take it off a wall bad thing thou it isn’t even wallpaper. My son put pictures from a book and he used mod podge to do. It’s pretty much the same concept. It’s still a pain to take down.

This is what I used to try and take it off . It kind of worked and the smell isn’t too bad . It does require a lot of elbow grease. The process is kind of long for me. I made progress but nowhere ,where I’d like to be.

This is where it was sprayed and left for a little while to do it’s magic.

While the stuff was soaking and some elbow grease applied to it. That is where I left it because my hand started to hurt. So, tomorrow I will try and finish taking it off before I bring out my sander and see what I can do with it.

I was hoping to be a little further along in the room but that is not the case. Since my son is out and we can actually look into the room , it needs a little more work than anticipated. So, we are deciding what absolutely needs to be done in the room.

The floor has a few soft spots so that is a concern and will be dealt with. We already have drywall for the closet. We will need to pick up plywood.

What we already have is drywall, paint, drop cloths(curtains) and an 8ft by 10ft rug. The price of plywood has gone up so we might wait to get them or might pick up a couple of sheets of it.

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Son moving out

My son got his 1st Apartment and is living on his own for the first time in his life. I’m hoping it will be a wonderful experience for him.

My son only took what he needed for now and left a lot of his stuff behind to be packed and moved to his new apartment. So, hubby and I packed up the rest of his stuff .

This is everything my son left and we are taking to him on Friday since it’s his day off. I’m happy that he was able to get a place of his own. So, once everything is out I can get in there and clean it and repaint the bedroom. The peach walls were painted that color when we bought the Mobile home.

He mod podge the poster to the door and pictures from a book on the wall. So. I’m going to tackle that in the next day or two. We bought stuff for that. I’m hoping that it works.

Once the room is cleared and everything is off the wall, it’s getting a paint job. We have to replace some of the flooring as there are weak spots, the carpet is coming out as there are paint spots . So, it will be a busy few days for us. All the projects that we are doing are minor. Some are patch jobs, some are moving things around and some are putting plywood down .

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We finally took out the existing cabinet in our Pantry. Just by taking it out it gave of extra room.

We still have to actually work on the Pantry. We have to redo and change walls but for now this will work. We are using what we have as my Hubby is still unemployed. So some projects are temporally put on hold . We have to budget all projects now and the prices here on things have almost doubled.

This cabinet use to be in our Living room that housed my decor. We revamped the Living room and had no place for it so the cabinet is being used in the Pantry. The paneling behind the cabinet is temporary until we get a wall built but for now it works. The baskets came from Goodwill. They baskets house snacks , instant potatoes and gray mixes. The basket on the top is holding the off brand K-cups. The bottom holds my canning jars, a meat slicers and my pressure cooker. We picked up the canning jars and meat slicer from Goodwill and the pressure cooker from Walmart.

The other side of the pantry. The cabinet houses overflow/extras that I’ve stocked up on. The frig is in here as well. I’d prefer it in the kitchen but at the moment it stays in the pantry. The kitchen has to done before I can move the frig. We found a few weak spots in the kitchen and one of those spots is where the frig will go. I’m hoping that within the next month or two we can start on the kitchen but we will see.

This side of the pantry is as soon as you walk in and to the left. The table is there to hold groceries while we put things away. The freezer is in here as well and it will stay in here once we do the kitchen .I’m not exactly sure of the size of the pantry but it pretty decent.

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Small Bedroom

We finished as much as we could on the small bedroom. We decided not to put up drywall instead we chose paneling.

The bedroom is right next to the furnace and it gets extremely hot. Some of the walls are painted white. I bought Black Chalkboard Paint to paint the other wall. We also downsized our bed from a Queen to a Full.

We moved the wall on hallway side about 6 inches out , it gave us a little bit of more space. The ceiling still needs to be replaced. For now it’s going to have to wait. We are deciding on putting carpet or hard wood flooring down. I’d like to have hard wood flooring but carpet is cheaper.

The new wall is behind the lamp and fan. The wall that is painted is the wall on the kitchen side. We put in a new window that was smaller than the original window. We still have to finish the room for now it’s done enough to sleep in.

We still have other projects around here to do. The bathroom is going to get a minor over hall. I’m thinking about repainting the hallway. We finally got a dumpster to clean out the yard and clean out the trailer with all the projects that we’ve done so far. Hopefully within the next few days the yard will be cleaned out and I can put in my garden.

What have you be up too?

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Worse than we thought

The window wall in the bedroom is worse than we originally thought.

The drywall is off the window wall and looking at the studs it’s in pretty bad shape. We now how to do a complete rebuild of the wall. Previous owners didn’t fix leaks just did patch jobs.

The opening to the window is much bigger than anticipated .The siding also had to be removed so that the work can be done. What was thought to be a couple of days project turned into maybe a week. I’m hoping that it doesn’t take that long but we will see.

The wood that held the wall in place has rotted away do to the rain and neglect. Yes, that is the outside you are looking at and it’s that bad in person. There is A lot of work that needs to be done just to get this bedroom useable. Hubby told me that he thinks that the wall in the bathroom that holds our tub is just as bad.

That will be something we look into at another time. Right our main focus is the bedroom and preventing more leaks. We knew that there was some issues but nothing like this. We are planning on moving within the next year so we just need the mobile home to hold up that long. We are doing what needs to be done for now. To make this place more livable than it was previously.

This is how we are spending our weekend. Fixing years of neglect on a what use to be nice mobile home. To look at our mobile home , you wouldn’t think that it is as bad as it is. One thing I can say is that it smelled like mildew but we didn’t see any mold. That is a good thing.

Hope everyone is a GREAT WEEKEND!

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Tackling a Bedroom

We decided to switch Bedrooms. We decided to take the smallest room in our Mobile Home.

The decision to switch rooms was talked about .The pros and the cons of going to a smaller bedroom. I wanted a peaceful room which I wasn’t getting in our current bedroom. I really want a bedroom that is just basically the bed and a night stand and a lamp.

So, we decided to switch that meant taking everything out of the small room which was the hubbys gaming room. He now has the bigger room but it is shared with our clothes and linens. We are still working on the smaller room. We did have to downsize to a full size bed. We got a good deal and a full size bedroom set from his Aunt.

This is what the room looked like emptied and on wall to the studs. The room was blue when we bought this place. We knew that we were going to do something with it but we weren’t sure what. The window has to be replaced because it leaks and it is curving in on its self. Which isn’t good. Hopefully, we won’t have to replace the frame just the window its self.

We’ve been working on the inside of our home mainly because it needs it and the rain has kept us indoors. Hopefully, within the next few days or so, we can paint and the put the bed in along with some decorations.

Have you been working on any projects??

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