I had a late start to my day. It was a good day beside being a little chilly here.

I finally got to do some painting. I got the main wall painted. I still have 2 walls to go before the painting is completely done. I had to stop several time through out the painting . I dislocated my thumb back in December. I have full mobility of my hand but I still have to take it easy .My thumb is healed but my joint closest to my wrist is still swollen.

I used the paint we already have. I used white paint but from 2 different brands.I used one as a primer and the other as a top coat. Still having to finish the inside of my area. I’m going to use it as it is, it will be bare, no drywall and plywood for floors. I’m okay with it because I will have an area of my own. No sharing of a space. The hubby likes to play video games me not really into video games.

I need an area so I can do our bills, my crafts and writing. I was going to go to Walmart when Hubby got home from work but Walmart decided to close all Super Centers from the 11 pm to 6 am. I’m okay with going tomorrow, we don’t need a lot .Just need to get Cat food, a few others things. I’m hoping that I get more painting done tomorrow.

First coat of paint and the wall finished.The trim still needs to be put back up. The difference on the wall is drywall is on the top of the paneling. It was done that way so that I could hang pictures or small decor.Still have the carpet to clean. I’d love to have wood floors but it’s not going to happen . It’s an expense I don’t want to put out. I’m off to make dinner.

Thanks for stopping by.

Til next Time.

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