Ephemera for a Scrapbook , Altered Book

I took book pages and glued them together and took scrap papers to make a Masterboard . Once, everything was glued together I cut different pieces out of this Masterboard.

The longest part about this is waiting to the glue to dry and you can start cutting it apart to make Ephemera for your Scrapbook , Altered Book even your Junk Journals. All this is still very new to me and I am not expert on this subject matter.

I’ve heard of Scrapbooks and Altered Books but never tried to make any before. So, that is what I’ve been doing and learning as much as I can. One thing I have come to realize is there is really no wrong way to make a Scrapbook or Altered book/Junk Journal as far as how you want to decorate it.

This is the Ephemera I made with two Masterboards I created. I put stickers on them to add extra interest to them.

As you can see they are cut into different shapes and sizes. They didn’t take long to make other than waiting for the glue to dry after making a Masterboard for them. I used Distress Ink around the edges.

I’ve been working on this and anything related to Scrapbooking, Altered Books and Junk Journals and Journaling in general.

I have an Instagram Page and a Youtube Channel, if you are interesting in checking them out.

I just set both of them up so there isn’t a lot posted as of yet.

My Youtube Channel has two videos posted . Both are under 3 minutes long and set to Music. I’m still figuring out how to prop my phone for better videos.

Christinasplace76 is my Instagram and Youtube name.

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First attempt at making a Notebook/Signature

This was my first Attempt at putting a notebook/signature for a journal I’m working on. I took Scrapbook paper and made the outer covers. I used old book pages and printing paper to make the pages inside the book. I used different papers to decorate the front .

This was my first attempt to sew the pages in the book. My sewing isn’t great but the pages are holding .I used stickers to decorate the first inside page, I wasn’t sure how I wanted this book to be used for so it has different ideas that I put in it.

I used different Ephemera pieces to use as decoration , Sentiments/sayings. Journaling/Scrapbooking/Junk Journaling is very new to me. I’m finding out what I like and don’t to use to decorate pages. I don’t plan a page but I do let an idea for a page come through. Like the butterflies on one page,

I had scrap paper that I wanted to use in the book and I knew that I wanted Butterflies and a moth. I’m not sure if the big one is a moth or butterfly. It was the right size and color that I wanted to with the scrap paper, I used distress ink in Vintage Photo to color the border of the paper. I really like how it came out.

I don’t work on my journals everyday but I really think I should just so I stay out of my head. I enjoy the process of thinking what could go together on a page or at least the ideas that come to mind when it comes to journaling.

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What I’ve done so far with my Scrapbook/Journal

I’ve been busy with my journaling/scrapbook among other things around the house.

I thought I would post pictures of what is in my scrapbook/journal. I’ve used a lot of different things and just went with the flow. Nothing is perfect or in any particular order. It’s what mood I was in at the time I decided to decorate a page.

The only unfortunate thing is because some of the pages are heavy they started to fall out. The book still has empty pages. I have been watching Youtube videos on Junk Journaling .

We’ve been busy with our home but that is for another Blog.

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What was my bedroom

What was my bedroom is now my Crafting room. I added 2 foldout tables .

The second table is for my laptop and I use it also for some ironing that I do for projects that I’ve been working on.

I hung twinkling Christmas lights up to help with the non lighting area and to bring in some coziness. I still am trying to figure out storage solutions for the fabrics, paints , books and the scrapbooking paper packs .

Over Christmas I bought a lot of Scrapbooking paper packs to help me in my journaling and junk journaling. Also went to the thrift store to see if I could find things to go along with that.

I did buy fabrics that Goodwill marked as Materials. I also bought a box of ribbon to use on different projects.

A few things I made . I was taking pictures and Ezio decided that he should be in at least one picture.

I will be posting pictures of what I did with my journal and junk journaling later.

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More of My Journal/Scrapbook

I’ve been slowly working on my Journal/Scrapbook. Not everyday but when the mood hits for something to be put in it.

I’ve also been writing my thoughts and feelings on a separate sheet that could be burned later. I’m trying to find different techniques that work for me as I’m trying to HEAL my past.

I did write a little in my book. I’m also using things that speak to me. I did leave spaces for future writings, pictures or drawings.

I tried something I saw on a Youtube Video, adding a card to write and decorate. I’m working on myself to heal me Heal and be more Creative. I have found that there is no wrong way to Journal/Scrapbook. Basically , you put down things that speak to you. It’s a personal thing.

I’m really liking it and I should be doing it more. Maybe It should journal my feelings also . I just might start doing that. Some of my feelings need a separate place and need to be Healed .

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It’s beginning to look like Christmas

This year we decided to put up a real wreath.

We were going to buy a real tree this year but decided against it because of our cats and neither one of us wants to be picking up the pine needles that fall from the tree.

We decided to not put a tree up at least in our living room. I have a small semi-flocked tree in my bedroom. It’s not decorated as of yet. We did put out our Santas and some of our Christmas decorations.

I still have to decorate my china cabinet and a few other places in the living room. I’m thinking about putting up our musical string lights. My desk is decorated but I still need to add the pinecones to a basket that is sitting on my desk.

I decided that I didn’t want the desk to be overcrowded with Christmas Decor. I kept it fairly simple this year. I might add fairie lights to it but I’m not sure because of the cats.

We still have some cleaning and moving things around so it will feel extra homey. I still have a lot more Christmas Decor but this is pretty much what we put out so far.

This area still needs to be completed . The stereo is doing under the pallet. We might have got a late start with Christmas Decorating but at least we have some out.

I hope everyone is doing well.

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Something Different, Scrapbooking

I’ve been in a real FUNK for about the last month or so I thought I would try Scrapbooking.

I’m hoping that by making a scrapbook it will help with the creative process and get me unfunked.

The journal came from Joann fabrics, it was a 3 pack for less than 6 dollars. I painted the inside cover and first page. I gathered everything that I wanted to use and started working on it once the paint dried.

The cover and first page are some what done and I started on the next 2 pages. I didn’t paint the pages as I felt it wasn’t necessary. This is new to me and I did enjoy it so I will continue to work on my scrapbook. I might try double sided tape to see if that is a better way to go.

There probably won’t be any rhyme or reason for future pages in the book just what I feels that needs to be in it. So, this is another creative outlet for me. If I had a keyboard I’d be playing tunes on it.

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New room

The new room is done minus some trim and the door not being changed out. The door is the same door that my son postered.

I used everything I already had on hand with the exception of drop cloths. The brown dresser and bed were bought from family . The drop cloths are used as curtains. We paid 10.00 a piece fr them and there are 3 in the room.

The table is a make shift desk , the chair was a Goodwill find. The rug was mislabeled , it said that it was a 7×9 and actually it’s 8×10, we paid 40.00 for it. The rug covers the carpet underneath.

The cabinet is two separate pieces both from Goodwill . I painted the top to match the both. The closet still needs the trim to be put back up. Still need to hang pictures on the walls.

This is my bedroom as my Hubby went back to work and now is on daylight. With me being up and down most nights it’s hard for him to get any sleep. This is working for both of us. I’m a night owl and I prefer to do things at night. I’m in the front of our Mobile Home and he is in the middle. I don’t vacuum in the middle of the night. I do a lot of cleaning at night though.

The paint was a mis tint that we got from Busy Beaver Hardware. The paint can wasn’t labeled as to what the color was.

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Start of the room

We have been busy with fixing, repairing the room.

We expanded the walls on the closet. It looks so much better now . The room is put together now so there will be a blog post on that. It took a while to get things together with the room. The door took longer than expected but it is done for the most part. We are going to replace the door sometime down the road.

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Progress on room

As you know my son moved out and we started cleaning it and attempting to take posters and book pages off of the door and part of a wall.

This is before I started to strip the poster and pictures.

This is the after with “damage” done to the paint on the wall and door. I’m not worried so much about the door as I am about the wall. I took of the top of the drywall covering trying to get the pictures off the wall. I had planned on taking all the paint off the door just so I can repaint it.

The door had the poster and two different paint colors on it. So, I still need to finish taking off the remaining paint , lightly sand it and repaint it again. That should be interesting to see how it goes.

Hubby did finish the closet, he made the outside walls bigger. That will be in another blog post. Tomorrow we will be back in the room hopefully to finish the door and primer and painting the walls.

We took my son shopping yesterday so he could get a few more things that he wanted. He likes his new place.

We don’t have a lot to do in the room it’s just time consuming. I’m hoping to have my things in there by next weekend. I’m still deciding on how I want the room to look and feel, the paint color will have a deciding factor on that.

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