Enclosing the Tip out

Today was another great day with the sun being out and the temps in the low 60s.

We cleaned the tip out and we moved things around.We still have a few more things to do . We got a small wall built and done, it still needs to be sanded and painted. I changed out my pigs and candle on the shelf, I put my bunnies there. The lanterns has faux Easter eggs in them but not enough to completely fill it.

The small wall before and not so finished.The cabinet still needs to be moved, the plastic on the floor also needs to be moved. I want to put a screen door in with glass as the living room will be losing all its natural lighting from the tip out. The rest of the walls should be done tomorrow, I’m hoping. We have to buy hinges for the screen door,still looking for carpet or a rug for the tip out. I believe we are going to be adding electrical outlets to the walls.

A change of decor. I’m thinking it might need some greenery. I might take out the Easter Eggs and put the Orbs in it for the greenery. If not the Orbs I did see “Spring Garland” at the Dollar Tree that might work. I like how everything looks , I just feel like it’s missing something.

I was talking to my Hubby earlier about taking EVERYTHING out of our Mobile Home and Cleaning it from top to bottom, He had this very concerned/puzzled look on his face. For one we don’t have the space to put everything, no shed. A storage unit would be a waste of money. So, It’s moving pieces around to get everything CLEANED.

Thanks for stopping.

Til next Time

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