Livingroom Update

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I posted. Last month we decided to paint our living room. The majority of the room walls a dark gray with a very small section green. We painted everything white except for the green section as we ran out of white paint. We used only what we had on hand and didn’t buy any paint.

Before we painted the walls, we stripped the carpet and padding. The carpet was in very bad shape. No amount of cleaning helped. We decided to put plywood over the existing flooring. The white walls did brighten up the place.

As you can see the little bit of gray over my craft room door. The white paint did cover 3 walls. We are going to buy more white paint sometime down the road but for now this works. Iam thinking of painting my door but I’m not sure what color to paint it. I have several chalk paints.

The living room is “done” for now. All the furniture is where I wanted it to be placed. I will post pictures of the finished living room later.

Thanks for stopping by

Take care

2 thoughts on “Livingroom Update

  1. I love the white walls! I would’ve loved white walls but hubby wanted grey… doesn’t like white so we agreed on blue! I still want white! Nice to see you on here. Hope you and yours are doing well!


  2. When we bought this Mobile Home the walls were Peach colored. My craft room door is the only remaining peach . So, hopefully soon I will decide on a color and paint it. White isn’t my favorite but hubby and I got tired of looking at Battleship gray on our walls so we decided on white. As it males a room look bigger and maybe a little bit cleaner. White walls seem to be easy to decorate around. Thank you. We are doing good. Hope your family is going well.


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