Kitchen part 2

Is the kitchen 100 % done. No, not by a long shot. At least the floor under the stove is fixed and it’s level. The 2 layers of linoleum is gone. Those are pluses in my book. My kitchen isn’t everyones cup of tea and that is okay. Everyone should have their own mark on their kitchens and the whole house as well. I used everything I had to get better organized in the kitchen. The kitchen could use a paint job but since it’s still winter it will have to wait.

The trunks are there as a holding place until I find another cabinet or bookcase. The base cabinets need to be sanded and painted. Beyond the door is our pantry, fridge and freezer.

The floor is needs to be finished just waiting on hubby to bring more plywood home from his job. This works for us for now. It functions and that is all that matters . It could be completely done with drywall, paint and a finished floor but when you are on a budget , YOU do what you can with what you have and make do with what you already have on hand.

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5 thoughts on “Kitchen part 2

  1. Thank You . Your comment made me think of 1600/1700s, Rustic. When people didn’t have a Full kitchen. Some people still don’t but they have what works for them. I’d love to have a big woodstove in the kitchen . Those cost pretty much and arm and a leg. Plus we would have to reinforce this kitchen so much that it’s not possible.

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    1. Me moved to Texas for a bit my hubby had to put in a makeshift kitchen. By makeshift I mean he had a sink counter but found a sink at the Habitat Restore. Along one wall was a long narrow ish table thing with a shelf. Then there was a stove and a fridge and even carpet since it wasn’t a kitchen before. It was different but fun! It’s fun to be resourceful and make it work!

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