Tackling a Bedroom

We decided to switch Bedrooms. We decided to take the smallest room in our Mobile Home.

The decision to switch rooms was talked about .The pros and the cons of going to a smaller bedroom. I wanted a peaceful room which I wasn’t getting in our current bedroom. I really want a bedroom that is just basically the bed and a night stand and a lamp.

So, we decided to switch that meant taking everything out of the small room which was the hubbys gaming room. He now has the bigger room but it is shared with our clothes and linens. We are still working on the smaller room. We did have to downsize to a full size bed. We got a good deal and a full size bedroom set from his Aunt.

This is what the room looked like emptied and on wall to the studs. The room was blue when we bought this place. We knew that we were going to do something with it but we weren’t sure what. The window has to be replaced because it leaks and it is curving in on its self. Which isn’t good. Hopefully, we won’t have to replace the frame just the window its self.

We’ve been working on the inside of our home mainly because it needs it and the rain has kept us indoors. Hopefully, within the next few days or so, we can paint and the put the bed in along with some decorations.

Have you been working on any projects??

Thanks for stopping by.

Til next time

6 thoughts on “Tackling a Bedroom

  1. You never cease to amaze me! Another BIG project! I’ve been doing some deep cleaning the last couple days but nothing major or fun. The main thing I’ve been trying to accomplish is a new name for my blog…ugh.

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  2. Thank you!! Yes, another Big project , BIGGER than we expected. I really need to do a DEEP CLEANING but it will have to wait until these projects are done. I hope you can get your new name.

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    1. Worse might be an understatement. We were hoping just to change out the window but it seems like we will be rebuilding the entire wall. The hubby started to pull the drywall and stopped because he saw the outside from floor level.

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