What is Home?

Is it the People you live with or the pets you have,or the things you own?

I grew up in the Military so we moved every 3 years. “Home” was wherever the Military sent us.So, for me I don’t have a sence of home.

MY adult life I’ve lived in several states, the closest to “home” is were I live now. I live in West Virginia. It’s not much to a lot of people but to me it “feels” like home.

I get the 4 seasons here , there are mountains, valleys. When I moved here about 10 years ago, my intent was to stay for roughly 6 months then move back to Florida. Well, that didn’t happen. I’m actually glad that it didn’t. My grandmother was born here even though I haven’t been to her Birthplace yet, it’s on my to do/bucket list.

The Mobile Home we live in is one I’d seen when I ventured around this little town.There was something about it that I liked and was drawn to it. It has the smallest yard out of all the Mobile Homes in the Park. We bought it roughly about 2 years ago. Even with all it’s flaws , I still love this Mobile Home. Previous owners didn’t take care of her and it truly shows. Slowly we are trying to fix her up and mend her.

I might complain about her but I think I’m complaining about the neglect that our home has been through . I believe if you take care of your home it will take care of you. I’d love to do her proper but right now all we can do is patch jobs here and there. She is a proud lady for has seen better days, for sure.

Home is what you think and make of HOME. It can be anywhere and everywhere. It can be a dwelling , any dwelling. Most people think of Houses as Homes. I think it’s a state of being and to have people and pets that care about you and love you .For me that is HOME!


2 thoughts on “What is Home?

  1. I really enjoyed your thoughts on home. I live in Northern CA and have mountains nearby and the ocean about four hours away. I lived in Texas for a few months and really missed those things. Along with our orchards here. We moved a lot when we were kids but mostly around the same area in CA. I love our little mobile home too – creaky floors and all! I’ve never lived in a place we owned before and it’s a different feeling. Home is my favorite.

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