Finding a bargain

We went to a thrift store that we visit every 3 to 4 months. All red tags were 50% off storewide.

We spent only $17.00 for what we got . We bought a ceiling fan replacement set, drawer pulls, Queen size bed sheets , twin sheets and a throw pillow. The twin sheets are both flat sheets and they are for our couch as is the throw pillow. The drawer pulls are for the kitchen cabinets.

The pillow is an olive color and the sheets are a mint color. I wanted a lighter color for the couch because of Spring. We needed new sheets for our bed as we mostly have winter sheets . The pillow was $ 2.49 after discount, the twin sheets were .75 each after discount and the queen sheets were $ 4.00 after discount. I don’t think that was bad for things that we needed.

We also stopped by a Dollar General that we normally don’t stop at and that particular store was having a sale. So, we picked up LED lights and two fake floral arrangements. The LED light after discount was $ 2.25 each, we picked up 5 packs with two light bulbs in each box. The plants were $ 2.50. I looked at the new Farmhouse decor that was out and bought a pig figure $3.00 and a metal sign for $ 5.00. The metal sign says General Store.I’m going to put the sign on a piece of wood then hang it above our pantry.

We did go to Walmart and get some groceries.Walmart isn’t a favorite store to shop at but it was convenient. Overall, I don’t think we did bad today.

We are having date night at home, so it’s pizza and a movie.

Til next time.

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