Stuck *Not a Normal post*

Are you stuck? Feeling like you’re stuck?

Why would one Feel Stuck? Life is Life, It’s what you make of it.Being stuck and feeling stuck are two different things entirely. Being stuck is the inability to move, move meaning , pack up and go to a new location. Feeling on the other hand is just that a Feeling about being stuck. It’s thoughts that arise within you about a situation that is going on in your life.

Sometimes, I want to leave where I’m at because I’m stuck. Or at least that is how my mind is perceiving things to be. We all get stuck. It could be a job, place you live, the relationship you’re in or the people who are around you. I’m no expert on any matter , These things come to me and I want to explore what there are.I look to see how it pertains to my life. Being “Stuck” is one of them among many other things.

You have to look at a situation and see if it’s good, bad or indifferent. How you handle being stuck in terms of any given situation, is up to you and your well-being. If it’s a feeling , figure out what caused it and see what you can do about changing your mood.I know it’s easier said than done. If it’s about being stuck take the steps necessary to make changes , that is ALSO easier said than done. In my past I’ve had to make the chose of not being stuck for my own well-being, safety. I made the decision to move out of state,do a no contact , have Court documents ALL for my well-being.

I’m trying to HEAL myself from Emotional, Mental and Sexual Abuse from my past. I have yet to forgive the people that did damage to me. My inner self is wanting to start the Healing Journey, I’m somewhat open to it but I hold myself back because I’m not ready to “relive”the trauma and wounds caused by others.

Me , blogging is an outlet of sorts. I like a lot of things.So, I write about just about anything and almost everything. So, I might get deep on a subject that might be uncomfortable for some readers. If I write one of those Blogs, I will put a warning .

Thank you for reading.

Til next Time.

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