And Yet, Again

I’m seriously wondering if it would be better to just take out the tip out and build a wall.

I would lose the valuable extra space that we have.We fixed the roof several time but apparently not right or just didn’t see if there were other leaks. So, do we put more money into a leaky roof or take the tip out , out??

The leak is minor but it could be major ,requiring buckets to be put back again . I’m sure there is some kind of lesson/s in all this.It does get old after a while.

There is another option to me wanting the entire tip out. That is to take a portion of the tip out that doesn’t leak . We have the frame work already just have to check and see if we have enough paneling for the walls.

I’m still weighing the options as what to do with the tip out. I don’t want it to be a money pit. I have a computer cabinet in the part that doesn’t leak. Since, we already have most everything to enclose it might as well enclose it. I can use it for most of what I want to use it for.

I’m wanting a place for my china, a craft area, reading, writing and bill area. I have an area now but i’m confined to a small space.

I am grateful to have a space to do the things I need/ want to do. I;m not going to let this leak get the best of me. It will get figured out and I can have a place that I want.

Til next time.

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