Changes around the house

I wanted to try something different so I decided to blog in our bedroom.

I did paint one kitchen cabinet, I’m not sure what I think of the color . I’ll have to wait until tomorrow when there is daylight to see the true color.I’m thinking that I will have to put a base coat down first as the purple is still coming through. I am definitely going to need help with removing the doors and drawers. The drawers are “stuck” in place.

Both our dressers need a good cleaning, the bedroom need to be dusted. I need to organize my candles. I’m wanting to rearrange the living room. We have a big projector TV( it was given to us) that sit caddy corner, which I’m ok with. We probably could do with less big pieces of furniture but everything is used in one capacity or another.

The good news is the roof didn’t leak today only because it was too cold.We got a light dusting of snow. As, of this writing the temp was 25 degrees but it felt like 14 degrees, with more snow in the forecast . I’m making soft tacos for us to eat.I’m not in the mood to really cook.

til next time.

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