A day

Today started with a sick kitty. Not sure what he had gotten into. So, it was a day of stripping the bed, washing bed linens.The normal stuff pet parents go through when a kitty is sick.

Dorian is our “sick” kitty. Dorian is a good cat, he pretty much stays to himself. When he wants attention , HE WANTS ATTENTION. He got a lot of attention then decided he had enough and found a place sleep. I’m thinking hairballs were his issue today.

After all the cleaning and making sure it was nothing serious, I thought I could just relax.My mood seem to change through out the day. Not exactly sure when that happened. I’m thinking the weather might have something to do with it.

Honestly, I didn’t even want to write a post today. Since, I challenged myself a personal challenge of writing for 30 days.So, I’m writing this blog post. Even the music isn’t helping with changing the funk that i’m in.

Hopefully, dinner will help. Vegetable Soup is always a good choice, at least for me anyways. Chicken Noodle is a good choice as well but that’s not in the house.

I’m still working on a few project around here. I haven’t done much in the tip out because of the rain we are getting. I’m waiting to see if the work we have done is lasting with the rain.So, far no rain is getting into the tip out. I’m hoping that it stays that way.I really want to get the tip out finished so the decorating can begin.

Well, I’m off so I can eat dinner.

Til next time

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