Home Decorating Inexpensively

Decorating your Home shouldn’t break the bank. You can have a nice home even on a budget.

Paint is relatively inexpensive. Shopping second hand, yard sale ,garage sales are just a few ideas to get you started. You will have to have patience when shopping thrift stores ,yard sales , etc.

Another way to decorate your home is by using what you already have.

I chose a neutral palette as my color base that way I could add color when needed. I know people like lots of colors. I don’t need that much stimulation, busyness if you will. I like our home to be calm and peaceful.

I add fairy lights to add a soft glow/mood to different rooms in our home. Covering furniture with different textures will enhance your space. Also, adding a rug will make a difference.

Rearranging your furniture will give your space a new feel. The same as doing a deep cleaning, wiping walls, furniture,wiping down baseboards, the windows. Rearranging artwork/pictures, lamps.

Adding a “new” used bedspread that you got will give your bed a new look .Clean your bedroom, take things out that don’t belong there. Make your bedroom a calm comfortable place to be. Rearrange you bed, dresser, night stand if you want to completely different look. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to achieve a calm feel to your house.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on decorating. If you feel that a room in your house is crowded , empty it, clean the room and put back what you honestly want in there. Surround yourself with things that you really like and truly love. Donate the other stuff or put in a box, tote and put it away if you can’t part with for whatever reason.

Houseplants bring a calm to your space as do pets. If you’re like us and really can’t keep plants, buy faux ones.I’d love to have real plants but because we have cats.We have to be careful what plants we get.Some plants are toxic to cats and dogs.So, for now we have faux plants, faux flowers.

I put my $ 2 basket up high enough so our cats wouldn’t destroy it. We use to have sheers on the windows but the cats wanted to climb them so down they came. I like having natural light come through the windows,I also like some privacy . I’m thinking of adding some chalk paint and mod podge together to do a “covering” on the windows.

We had old pallets , we cut the in half and put them on the wall and added pieces to the pallet.It gives in dimension to a flat wall.

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