Nature calms the mind,Being outside has a way of getting your ATTENTION! Forces you to be present in Nature.

Nature has a way of making one feel better about what is going on in ones LIFE! The Beauty of Nature is that it’s always changing .Nature is Perfect just like YOU!!! There are no mistakes in Nature as there are no mistakes within You!!

Nature has a way of changing your Perspective on a lot of things. All you need to do is embrace the way Nature touches your soul.

If you FEEL like Crying, then Cry, if you still like screaming, then scream, if you feel like running, then run.Nature will care and comfort YOU!!

Nature has a wonderful healing aspect about it. One only has to go out in Nature to experience it.Take it all in , listen to the wind, really listen.Cast your cares away, even if it’s for a few minutes.

Nature has a way of capturing the mind, body and soul , it’s for everyone to enjoy.

Are you listening to what Nature has to tell YOU???

til next time

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