Defense Mechanisms

Defense Mechanisms we all have them. They are/were ingrained in us from a variety of things that happened in our life.

There are different types of Defense Mechanisms.

Repression, Projection,Displacement,Rationalization are just a few.

Each one has its own placement in ones subconscious.

As, I’m working on Personal/ Self Development , I read a lot of the mind,the subconscious.I’m trying to better understand why I do and/or say what I say.

These Defense Mechanisms are a shield to “falsely” protect me.Or at the very least that’s how I’m looking at them.

My thoughts do have a tendency to run wild, I’M acknowledging that they do. So, I’m trying to understand the “WHYS”.

I’M of the understanding that one has to acknowledge that there mind has free roaming and it’s to to not let it happen.Question oneself about why it’s happening in the first place. Is it Stress, Envy, Jealousy or something else.

I’m taking the necessary action to help myself and heal.

These Defense Mechanisms didn’t happen overnight and I know I can’t solve them in a day.

I don’t like living like this.On pins and needles,Sometimes yes,it’s like that or times it’s not. I’m thinking that my mind is throwing things at me to add to my discomfort, trying to get me to look at things.Change my way of thinking.

I have a lot of SOUL SEARCHING to do, If I TRULY WANT TO BE HAPPY!!!

til next time

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