chalk paint and fabric

I decided to take a break from trying to decor my space. I did decorate my 2 shelves that are hung. When we moved into this Mobile Home it had a farmhouse table and 6 dining room chairs. We split the table in half. I’m using one half for starting my seeds and the other half has my laptop on it. The bookcase has my china and pottery on it but it’s not organised.I have a lamp and a small heater in here as well.

I’m going to give the chair a second coat of chalk paint tomorrow. I still have to measure the fabric I want to use on the chair.I’m going to have my hubby staple the fabric on the seat.I can’t squeeze the staple gun hard enough do to me dislocating my thumb last December. I have full mobility in my hand but certain things I still can’t do.

My main shelf , I decorated in with Spring in mind. The lanterns were from the thrift store last year.I think I paid about $1.50 for both of them. The bird and the faux plant and Hello sign was from Dollar General and the Tea Set was in a surprise box I got from the Antique Mall last year. I’d like to find globes for the lanterns.

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My area

My area/office is done?

Finally got to get into my area today. We have a couple of things to do but they can wait to be finished.I think we need trim for the windows and carpet. My alternative for carpet is going to be canvass drop cloth. I already have the drop cloth.It’s just long enough but it is too wide so we will have to cut it down.

The start of putting things in this space. I’m still trying to figure out what I really want in this space. I want to put my china in here. This area is going to be used as an office/crafting area. I’m using everything I have to decorate this space. I’m sure things will be switched out as the Seasons change.

Making progress . I took everything out of the boxes and put them on the bookcase . I just wanted the boxes emptied. So, I have to figure out how to decorate it. I.m adding Spring/Easter decor into this space since that is the Season we are in. Even though it doesn’t feel like it. I have a few projects that I need to start that will be in this room. I have a chair or two that I want to paint and change the fabric on the seat cushion.

I bought a weighted chicken before I went on a NO SPEND for my room, the door doesn’t close all the way.So, Turkeyette , serves as a door stopper and a guard. She’s not much of a guard as the cats still get into my area. Yes, I named the chicken, Turkeyette McChicken. If, I had enough money I would bought the grey chicken also. Once, I’m done decorating, I’ll post pictures of what is done at that point.

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Spring Decor or The lack of???

Today is a good day , the sun is shinning. I’m still doing my Spring/daily cleaning.

Finally got out my Spring Decor that were in a tote. I thought I had more , I’m glad I have what I have. I’m like simple ,attainable decor. My FALL DECOR is a different story as FALL is my favorite season. As, I look at what I have I was trying to figure how to use it and where to put everything.

As you can see not a lot of Spring Decor and I’m okay with what I have. The Welcome sign will go on our front door. The Welcome sign and the tea set were in a surprise box that I got from the Antique Mall. The Orbs were from Aldi last year or the year before. The Wreath, the Bunnies and the Easter Eggs are from Walmart on clearance. The blue bird is from Dollar General as is the plant in the box. The set by the bird was from a thrift store. I think I paid 79 cents for each piece.

Now I have to figure out were I want to put everything. My cabinet will most likely go through a few changes as I start to put things out. I don’t like things to feel or look too busy. I haven’t seen anything Decor wise that caught my attention this year. Somethings were “cute” but I didn’t see the need to bring any of it home with me.

I have my core pieces that I use year around and add to them. The Easter will most likely go in my lanterns on my shelf. I’ll more than likely move my pigs and candle and put the Bunnies there. I have a spot for the wreath, I just have to take down the picture that is still hanging there. The orbs will be used as filler just to have some greenery were its needed. I’m thinking of doing a Topiary tree with the bigger orbs. We will see if that gets done, if not I’ll put them on a bowl or planter.

Tomorrow, We are actually starting on the tip out. We are going to be putting up the frame for the walls. We have to move a cabinet and a table first but I’m excited to finally get it started. It won’t be completed as far as the wall goes. The walls for the living room will be paneling , Yes they will be painted. My office/space will have drywall for walls. I still need to look for a rug or a piece of carpet.I haven’t really found anything I like at the thrift stores. I know that I don’t want to pay full price for a piece of carpet or a rug.

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Home Decorating Inexpensively

Decorating your Home shouldn’t break the bank. You can have a nice home even on a budget.

Paint is relatively inexpensive. Shopping second hand, yard sale ,garage sales are just a few ideas to get you started. You will have to have patience when shopping thrift stores ,yard sales , etc.

Another way to decorate your home is by using what you already have.

I chose a neutral palette as my color base that way I could add color when needed. I know people like lots of colors. I don’t need that much stimulation, busyness if you will. I like our home to be calm and peaceful.

I add fairy lights to add a soft glow/mood to different rooms in our home. Covering furniture with different textures will enhance your space. Also, adding a rug will make a difference.

Rearranging your furniture will give your space a new feel. The same as doing a deep cleaning, wiping walls, furniture,wiping down baseboards, the windows. Rearranging artwork/pictures, lamps.

Adding a “new” used bedspread that you got will give your bed a new look .Clean your bedroom, take things out that don’t belong there. Make your bedroom a calm comfortable place to be. Rearrange you bed, dresser, night stand if you want to completely different look. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to achieve a calm feel to your house.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on decorating. If you feel that a room in your house is crowded , empty it, clean the room and put back what you honestly want in there. Surround yourself with things that you really like and truly love. Donate the other stuff or put in a box, tote and put it away if you can’t part with for whatever reason.

Houseplants bring a calm to your space as do pets. If you’re like us and really can’t keep plants, buy faux ones.I’d love to have real plants but because we have cats.We have to be careful what plants we get.Some plants are toxic to cats and dogs.So, for now we have faux plants, faux flowers.

I put my $ 2 basket up high enough so our cats wouldn’t destroy it. We use to have sheers on the windows but the cats wanted to climb them so down they came. I like having natural light come through the windows,I also like some privacy . I’m thinking of adding some chalk paint and mod podge together to do a “covering” on the windows.

We had old pallets , we cut the in half and put them on the wall and added pieces to the pallet.It gives in dimension to a flat wall.

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