Our plans

We are in debt and we are trying to get out of it.

Our plan is to take our taxes and pay off the 2 smallest loans we have .We live pay check to pay check. The bills get paid but not when they are suppose to be paid.They are paid within the month they are do.

We also want to move from where we are within the next 6 to 7 months. In order to do that we have to pay those 2 small loans off and save.

We own our mobile home but we live in a mobile home park. A lot has changed within the last few years of living here. The park is generally quiet. We had “shady” people in the park. The park manager is wishy-washy, He has is “favorite” tenants.He doesn’t like drama but seems to cause some of himself. We were told that he’s not here to make “friends” but yet he has his “favorites to go out with and drink with.

Once we really looked at what was going on we decided that we didn’t want to live here anymore, so we’ve been looking for a place to live. Someplace , more in the country, has some land to it. We will not be moving our mobile home because of cost. It cost roughly 6 grand to move a mobile home. The condition that our home is in isn’t worth the move and isn’t really worth selling it to anyone.

So, Our plan is to pay of the 2 small loans off by the end of March.Once those are paid off, reevaluate our situation and go from there.The hubby gets paid bi-monthly(15th, 30th) I already wrote down our bills for after those 2 loans are paid off. It gives us an idea of what still needs to be done and we have to figure other things out.The end of the month paycheck we are hit the hardest with bills.Since, he gets paid that way his paycheck varies from an 80 hr paycheck, 88 hr paycheck and sometimes a 96 hr paycheck. So, it is tough to budget at times.

We would LOVE to move sooner but we can’t, so we will do what we need to do for now .

Our food budget is already as low as it can possibly be. We shop at Aldi already. I do check the sales ad weekly. Are eating has changed and it’s going to change again.

We don’t go out to eat but we have a tendency to spend when we shouldn’t. We are going to be giving ourselves an “allowance” every paycheck., so hopefully that will help with the “spending”.

If any of you have an ideas about saving money , Please share, Thank you!!!

til next time

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