The Endless Mind CHATTER

I have been experiencing this A lot lately.My mind is extremely cluttered with coherent and not so coherent thoughts.

For about 2 weeks in January , I didn’t hear a peep.My mind went silent.I thought it odd at first but then I enjoyed the quietness.I slept better at night.I changed nothing before hand .I still don’t know why I had 2 weeks of quiet but I am thankful for it.

During that time I felt a almost calming effect and in my mind was stillness and darkness, kinda like a void of sorts. About a week into the quietness I tried to form a thought but nothing happen.

Almost like clock work the noise /chatter started back up.This time it seems to be active.There are days when that’s all I hear is the incoherent chatter.Its like everything and everyone is talking at the same time.Nothing useful or helpful from the thoughts that go through my head.Sometimes , yes there are thoughts that make some sence.

I’m coming to the realization that I might have to write down on paper what is going on in my head. It might help me understand somethings, analyze other things.Maybe it’s just my subconscious trying to get my Attention to look at things that are going on internally.

I am still challenging myself to a post everyday for 30 days. I will work on my mind”chatter” offline as to I’m not exactly what needs to be done

If I feel I can’t continue my 30 day personal blog challenge, I’ll let you know.

til next time

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