Sometimes We Forget….

Sometimes we forget how Truly Blessed we are.All it takes is the smallest gesture, a smile, a welcoming hug or a nuzzle from your pets.

I am guilty of not recognizing how Blessed I am. I act indifferent about my home, my life and the people in my life.Sometimes, things happen that I felt shouldn’t of happened. Mainly, It’s my Attitude about aspects and things in my LIFE that I don’t like.

Changing my mindset is hard after years of being “Programmed” as to What to think , What to Feel, How to Act.When to SPEAK up for Yourself.Growing up I learned not to say a lot, ask too many questions.Everyone in our Family had to role to “play”.

So, now I’M going through changing my life from the inside out. All in the inner workings , the beliefs , personal things I held as TRUE are not serving me now. I’m really starting to Question a lot of my life and what I thought was TRUE about it .

I/WE have that luxury to look at our OWN lives and make changes were we see fit to change.We , can make positive changes for the betterment of ourselves and for the people in our lives.

Even if it’s something small, it’s a step in the right direction.

We really shouldn’t take anything or anyone for GRANTED. For we know not the hour of our departure from this world.

For me , I’m looking at BETTERING Myself, for MYSELF and that I am Simply Blessed.

Til next time.

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