Military Brat(Children of Military Parent(s)

I grew up with my Father being in the Military. My parents met while my dad was stationed in Germany.My dad liked to drink alcohol and my mom was a bar maiden.

When they got married my mother was pregnant with me.They left Germany and were married in the states.

When my dad went to Vietnam , my mom and myself went to live with my dads mother.I don’t remember my younger years but I remember certain aspects of it. My dad did come home once and my mom got pregnant with my brother. So, My mom who barely spoke any English ,Living in Country she barely knew actually got by with the help of my dads family.

For awhile things were good within our little family but once we left the US and went to Germany things began to change. At this point there were 4 children. My mom at times acted like she had no children and try to be carefree.

I remember when I was around 5 years old and my mom left me in charge of myself and my three siblings. I had to make sure that no one fought, made too much noise.

On one particular day, I had to walk up tree flights of stairs carrying my younger brother on my hip because I didn’t know how to change a diaper.My mom showed concern about why I was there but when we returned back to our apartment it was another story. My mother scolded me because I couldn’t change a diaper and I took her away from her friend that she was visiting with.

This wasn’t the only time I got scolded by my mom for something I didn’t know and it definitely wasn’t the last.From about the age of 5, I was taking care of my siblings, washing dishes, helping with setting the table for dinner. Most of the time , I was told not asked to help with things around the house.My mom would leave me in charge because I’m the oldest .On the good days I would get scolded or my butt busted because my brother lied to our mom about something I did or didn’t do.

I took my responsibilities very seriously because I knew what the outcome would be if I didnt.

I’m not sure how much my dad knew about what was going on at home while he was working.Mom was always home when dad came in for lunch and when my dad left ,our mom was off visiting her friend.My mom was home to make supper and stayed home for the rest of the night.

It might sound like I’m bitter about my Upbringing but I’m not,If my parents never met, I wouldn’t be here and got to see different parts of the world. For that ,I am Thankful.

The picture is of myself and my brother at our Grandmothers house.I’m not sure how old I was.

I do miss my extended family, Since my dad was in the Military ,We didn’t get to see family but every three years.

Coming from a Child of a Military Parent , You get to see other parts of the world , even other States. That part of my childhood I wouldn’t change at all.But then again, I wouldn’t change anything.Only because I would not be who I am today!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Til next time.

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