What I’ve done so far with my Scrapbook/Journal

I’ve been busy with my journaling/scrapbook among other things around the house.

I thought I would post pictures of what is in my scrapbook/journal. I’ve used a lot of different things and just went with the flow. Nothing is perfect or in any particular order. It’s what mood I was in at the time I decided to decorate a page.

The only unfortunate thing is because some of the pages are heavy they started to fall out. The book still has empty pages. I have been watching Youtube videos on Junk Journaling .

We’ve been busy with our home but that is for another Blog.

Thanks for stopping by

Til next time

6 thoughts on “What I’ve done so far with my Scrapbook/Journal

  1. Your work is beautiful and inspiring. Can you share what type of book you used? I struggle with having mine looking perfect which in turn causes me to be paralyzed. But everyday I just try again. I am hoping you will share more of your creativity.

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  2. Thank You!! The journal is from “The Happy Planner” I purchased a 3pack from Joann Fabrics. I’ve heard some several creative scrapbook/journalers that perfection kills the creative process. I don’t make mine look perfect . I do think about the stuff iI want on a page. Sometimes, I don’t have a plan for a page and just put whatever comes to my mind at that moment and go for it. An example would be the page that has book pages and the number 2 on it. If you are stumped about what to put on a page , you can just put a smiley face and some hearts on a page or whatever you think you would like. Just remember it doesn’t have to be perfect.

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