First attempt at making a Notebook/Signature

This was my first Attempt at putting a notebook/signature for a journal I’m working on. I took Scrapbook paper and made the outer covers. I used old book pages and printing paper to make the pages inside the book. I used different papers to decorate the front .

This was my first attempt to sew the pages in the book. My sewing isn’t great but the pages are holding .I used stickers to decorate the first inside page, I wasn’t sure how I wanted this book to be used for so it has different ideas that I put in it.

I used different Ephemera pieces to use as decoration , Sentiments/sayings. Journaling/Scrapbooking/Junk Journaling is very new to me. I’m finding out what I like and don’t to use to decorate pages. I don’t plan a page but I do let an idea for a page come through. Like the butterflies on one page,

I had scrap paper that I wanted to use in the book and I knew that I wanted Butterflies and a moth. I’m not sure if the big one is a moth or butterfly. It was the right size and color that I wanted to with the scrap paper, I used distress ink in Vintage Photo to color the border of the paper. I really like how it came out.

I don’t work on my journals everyday but I really think I should just so I stay out of my head. I enjoy the process of thinking what could go together on a page or at least the ideas that come to mind when it comes to journaling.

Thank you for stopping by.

Til next time.

5 thoughts on “First attempt at making a Notebook/Signature

      1. It looks nice with the others. We are doing well….enjoying spring like weather and trying to get this house sorted out… ugh 🙂

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      2. Glad to know you are doing well. We are also enjoying the Spring like weather which includes rain. I’m going to write a blog about our place and what we are doing and what we’ve done

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