A Place of Solitude

Where does one find Solitude?? It can be Anywhere and Everywhere.

Solitude can be in your house, the forest,the park, even your car, it could be day or night.

At times for me at least it’s in my Bathroom. The title of this Blog came to me while I was in the bathroom. You never know when or where inspiration will come from.

Solitude can be seen as a way to quiet the mind, the peace of stillness. It can be when you wake up the morning before you do anything even before getting out of bed.

It can be when you get your first cup of coffee, really savoring the aroma of that first cup. Eating breakfast,just allowing for a few moments of peace. Taking a few moments for yourself before the day “Officially” begins.Whenever that is for you.

For me, my solitude is the quiet hours, after midnight and before 6 am. I like to go outside on my porch and just sit , Not think about anything just sit.listen to nothing but the stillness and the wind . Or just go for walk down our road. There are times when a feelings of joy, sorrow and contentment are in those moments of stillness. I take comfort in all of it. Sorrow for me is at least a cleansing. Everyones ,Solitude is different and unique to oneself.

Sometimes, for me at least a cup of Hot Chocolate is Solitude. By holding the cup in my hands and smelling the hot chocolate.It’s a simple pleasure where I’m in the moment of quiet and calm.

I wonder if the WORLD went quiet for 24/48 hours, How would we as Humans react to it?

Would everyone panic? Would everyone enjoy the quietness?

I’m thinking Everyone would panic!! We are so occupied by noise that it takes us away from the quietness, the stillness and from each other.

I thoroughly enjoy the solitude of night.

Thank You for stopping by.

Til next time.