Changing things up

Today was a good day until the shelf fell off the wall.

I moved my shelves to other walls.The small shelf got moved to the side of the double windows. I put my pink bunny and milk glass on it then I added a candle to the shelf and it fell. Way to much weight on it, The bunny busted into 2 pieces. I was upset about it The candle and Milk glass vase didn’t bust or chip. The shelf is back on the wall with the vase and a blue bird.

The cake stand was spray painted black because I didn’t like the brown.I put a bird cage on it with a form piece in it for now. I have to go through my Spring tote to get the florals out and make an arrangement for the bird cage.

The chair is finally painted and the seat cover is on it. I put it in a corner under my other shelf , I have a small table next to the chair.I put my Aloe plant on the small table. My area is coming along slowly, My hubby built me a cabinet for some more of my pottery. I still need to bring in some of books and my seeds .

I still need to take the paint out here and organize my room. So far it’s working out great. I still need to get a door handle so I can close my door completely. The cats are going to be upset once they realize that they can’t come in here.It’s still a work in progress with this room.

Thanks for stopping by.

Til next time.