Patio at dusk

We are still working on the outside of our home.

We realized that our Patio might be too small for all the things I want there. I did break down and ordered a bench off of Amazon. Only after I checked Big Lots, Walmart and Facebook Marketplace. Walmart and Big Lots didn’t have anything I liked. Facebook Marketplace had benches but they wanted too much to the point I could buy brand new for about $10.00 to $20.00 more. So, I went on Amazon.

I did get some of the flowers in pots and still have more to put out. Today was a nice day weather wise as tomorrow into next week is going to be not so great. We are expecting thunderstorms through the weekend. The basket over the bench is from ALDI.

Our Goodwill is open so I was able to go and I got a couple of plant stands. We have a firepit but it seems to be too big for our small patio area. We are thinking of maybe making our patio bigger if we can. A lot of stores are still closed but it was nice to go into Goodwill.

The patio is still a work in progress so far I’m liking it . I’m sure that things will change with the patio. I would like to put another piece of wood or lattice behind where the chair is to give it more privacy .

How are things where you live? Is everything stilled closed??

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Garden Seedlings

Today I started some of my Seedlings. I’m growing Lettuce, Cabbage , Bell Peppers and Corn. The Corn will be planted directly in the ground. I have to wait about another week or so to plant the Corn according to the package. I’m going to be planting more things but for now I needed to get those seeds started.

We couldn’t get out in the yard today to do more cleaning because of the heavy rain we had. It’s suppose to rain on and off for the next couple days. I’m still hoping to get out in the yard tomorrow and attempt to do some picking up of stuff.

I did a measurement of the yard I want to plant in. It’s 16 ft by 13 ft or 208 square feet according to a chart I looked at online. I think it’s a decent size space. I already have 2 “raised beds” and a beck fence for the corn. I want to grow potatoes, onions, and garlic. So, I have to figure out where to plant those.I’m also looking at companion planting. I don’t want to “kill” anything before I get started.

I might have to draw out a map of the space and get ideas of what can go with what.I’m hoping to get some of what I plant this year. If, I get half or all , that will be great. Since, this is my first time gardening on this scale , I’m not getting my hopes up. I need to see what other seeds we have so I can get them started in the next couple of days.

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