Updating the Livingroom

We’ve been working on different projects in our home and the outside.

I decided that the Livingroom “needed” an update so the Hubby painted one wall and still has one more to paint. We bought a paint sprayer so he tried it out on the Livingroom wall. The color I decided was BLUE GREY SKY and that is what it looks like.

We had White walls since we moved in and it took a couple of years for me to decide on Color for the walls. White walls SHOW everything.

The Before and The After, I like it. Once , the Livingroom is finished I’ll decide on what come back into the space.

The other side still needs to be finished .The TV will be leaving this week , it’s too big and bulky for our space . We probably won’t replace the TV anytime soon. The paint came from Walmart. Paint is getting expensive especially from Walmart. $ 15.00 a gallon for their cheap paint, The cheapest paint was around $10.00 a gallon.

We have enough paint so We won’t have to buy any anytime soon. The Hallway is going to be getting repainted. I bought a gallon of miss tint for $10.00 from Busy Beaver Hardware . The Hallway will be done the road as we are trying to finish up on other projects plus tend to our container garden.

The containers are doing good but a few things have me concerned, like some of our Cucumbers growing slow and some of the tomatoes not growing at all.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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Updating our home

With everything that has been going on around here, We have been sprucing up our home.

We painted the “new” wall in our living room. We are going to use the paint to finish painting the walls on our pantry.

The wall with white walls and the first coat of blue/gray. We still have to change out the drywall above the new wall.

The second coat of blue /gray paint on the walls. We have a few more things to do.

New desk not decorated and the desk decorated , Ezio is sleeping on the desk. I used everything that I had on hand to decorate the desk. The drywall above the desk still needs to be changed and painted. We are in the process of decluttering our home. We have a long ways to go in the decluttering department.

We were given a big tv and now it is taking up too much space so it’s going to go to Goodwill along with other things. We did invest in cameras for our home because of the smashed windows to our home.

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chalk paint and fabric

I decided to take a break from trying to decor my space. I did decorate my 2 shelves that are hung. When we moved into this Mobile Home it had a farmhouse table and 6 dining room chairs. We split the table in half. I’m using one half for starting my seeds and the other half has my laptop on it. The bookcase has my china and pottery on it but it’s not organised.I have a lamp and a small heater in here as well.

I’m going to give the chair a second coat of chalk paint tomorrow. I still have to measure the fabric I want to use on the chair.I’m going to have my hubby staple the fabric on the seat.I can’t squeeze the staple gun hard enough do to me dislocating my thumb last December. I have full mobility in my hand but certain things I still can’t do.

My main shelf , I decorated in with Spring in mind. The lanterns were from the thrift store last year.I think I paid about $1.50 for both of them. The bird and the faux plant and Hello sign was from Dollar General and the Tea Set was in a surprise box I got from the Antique Mall last year. I’d like to find globes for the lanterns.

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My area is almost done

I thought today I’d be able to start putting my stuff in my area.

We finished painting my area. We still have to put the trim down. The white paint was used as a primer and the light blue paint was the main wall color. The floor needs a good sweeping .I’m still deciding if I want to put Curtains up or not.The one wall that has drywall is patched together with different pieces . We didn’t have half or full sheets so we used what we had, we didn’t have spackling either so we used caulk. The room is an imperfect space and I’m okay with that. We used everything we had and no money was spent.

The ceiling still needs to be finished but I’m not concerned about it right now. I’ll know tomorrow if I need to touch up the light blue paint. The table that is in there will be separated and each piece will be put under the windows.One half will hold my laptop and the other will be for my seedlings that I’m going to be planting in about a week or two. I have 2 dining room chairs that I’m going to be redoing and they will stay in the room. I have a small table and my bookcase that will be in there as well . I’m hoping what I’m envisioning for this space will work, if not I’ll tweak it . I have 2 Oil paintings that I want to put in there but we will see if that’s possible.

Tomorrow , I will get the items I want in my room. It will be interesting to see how I get it decorated. I have A LOT of China, decor.I would like to have all my things in my room but I don’t want it to be crowded. I still need carpet for the floor , I just don’t want to spend the money. At the moment we don’t have it to spend. I’m going on a no spend for awhile and using only what I have. Money will be used for paying Bills and buying food.This no spend will be hard because I’m use to spending money on things I want.

I hope everyone is doing good with everything that is going on in the world.

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I had a late start to my day. It was a good day beside being a little chilly here.

I finally got to do some painting. I got the main wall painted. I still have 2 walls to go before the painting is completely done. I had to stop several time through out the painting . I dislocated my thumb back in December. I have full mobility of my hand but I still have to take it easy .My thumb is healed but my joint closest to my wrist is still swollen.

I used the paint we already have. I used white paint but from 2 different brands.I used one as a primer and the other as a top coat. Still having to finish the inside of my area. I’m going to use it as it is, it will be bare, no drywall and plywood for floors. I’m okay with it because I will have an area of my own. No sharing of a space. The hubby likes to play video games me not really into video games.

I need an area so I can do our bills, my crafts and writing. I was going to go to Walmart when Hubby got home from work but Walmart decided to close all Super Centers from the 11 pm to 6 am. I’m okay with going tomorrow, we don’t need a lot .Just need to get Cat food, a few others things. I’m hoping that I get more painting done tomorrow.

First coat of paint and the wall finished.The trim still needs to be put back up. The difference on the wall is drywall is on the top of the paneling. It was done that way so that I could hang pictures or small decor.Still have the carpet to clean. I’d love to have wood floors but it’s not going to happen . It’s an expense I don’t want to put out. I’m off to make dinner.

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Updating a kitchen

Like any updates on your home, it can be done on the “cheap”, a budget or the lack of funds.

Paint can be inexpensive. Depending on the brand you want to use.We use paint from Walmart.

I bought one roll of wallpaper from Amazon last year with the intent of using it on our kitchen counter.I didn’t think it would look that great after it arrived so I held onto it. I’m going to use it for our new back splash.

It looks lie colored wood/pallets.Which is something that I really like. Our upper cabinets are painted white and without the doors. I really love that it’s open, I took the doors off because I had a tendency to hit my head with the doors.

As, You can see the other wallpaper is pealing. It’s not what I like but it “worked” .I’ve been peeling paper, I got a little frustrated, so I quit.Now I’m more than determined to tackle the kitchen. The counter is horrible looking but it works. The counter had wall paper on it as well. It was peeling so I started to peel it and this is what I’m left with. I’m not sure what to do with the counters so for now they will stay the way they are.

When we moved in the kitchen cabinets were purple, it was so dark and very unwelcoming.We removed the doors and painted the upper cabinets. Now, I’m going to tackle the lower cabinets . I still light blue paint so i’m going to paint the lowers that color.I think it will compliment the wallpaper and the upper cabinets. I’m not sure how long this project is going to take me as there is a lot of prep work first. A lot of scrubbing the cabinets, lightly sanding the cabinets, taking off old wallpaper, moving the stove.

Are you working on any projects ??

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Cleaning and Painting

Today was a good day weather wise. No rain ,no dreary day.

We took the opportunity to do some serious cleaning . Also got some painting done. The painting actually started last night.We painted the seams and the trim.

Today , while in between coats we were going to clean  our living room carpet. It’s in desperate need of a good scrubbing but we found several soft spots in the flooring. So, the carpet will be pulled up instead and the flooring fixed. The joys of living in a fixer up mobile home.

While doing the cleaning , the laundry , I put a stockpot of water on the stove to boil chicken.It will be de-boned and used for different dinner meals that I have planned for the month.

I did buy a couple of fabrics pieces at Walmart .$ 1.45 each. Each piece is half a yard.I didn’t think that was a bad price. I have plans for the one. I am going to make a piece of art with the fabric and a piece of wood.

So, tomorrow I think I will work on the art work and plan what I want on the hallway walls.I like a lot of different decorating  styles. I’m using what I have to decorate our home.

Do you have a favorite decorating style??

Til next time.