Patio at dusk

We are still working on the outside of our home.

We realized that our Patio might be too small for all the things I want there. I did break down and ordered a bench off of Amazon. Only after I checked Big Lots, Walmart and Facebook Marketplace. Walmart and Big Lots didn’t have anything I liked. Facebook Marketplace had benches but they wanted too much to the point I could buy brand new for about $10.00 to $20.00 more. So, I went on Amazon.

I did get some of the flowers in pots and still have more to put out. Today was a nice day weather wise as tomorrow into next week is going to be not so great. We are expecting thunderstorms through the weekend. The basket over the bench is from ALDI.

Our Goodwill is open so I was able to go and I got a couple of plant stands. We have a firepit but it seems to be too big for our small patio area. We are thinking of maybe making our patio bigger if we can. A lot of stores are still closed but it was nice to go into Goodwill.

The patio is still a work in progress so far I’m liking it . I’m sure that things will change with the patio. I would like to put another piece of wood or lattice behind where the chair is to give it more privacy .

How are things where you live? Is everything stilled closed??

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Front garden

We’ve been getting A LOT of rain as of late.

It seems that we might have to redo our front garden with all the rain we’ve been getting I don’t think the seeds that I planted are still there. I did however plant flowers against a border that we built .

So, far the plants are doing well with all the rain. There are other flower/plants through out our yard so I might transplant some of those. We will have to see how that goes. Rain is in our forecast for the next week. I’d really like to get working on our greenhouse/plant enclosure but that will have to wait a little while.

I’ve been rearranging and rearranging things inside our home. At the moment our bedroom is my “dreaded space. I’d love to have a wardrobe closet to “hid” our clothes. Since everything is still closed and openings aren’t going to happen for a little while, the clothes will be “show cased”.

Hubby is still unemployed and he doesn’t think it will be anytime soon for his job to call him back. The Company he worked for laid off even more people after his layoff. He has received his unemployment checks. I’m able to figure out our monthly bills and make a budget for that.

My son still has his job and he pays us rent. That money goes towards our food so it’s not included in the other money. Overall, We’ve been doing okay with everything including the hubby being home all the time.

We have several things that we want to do around here and with the hubby being home things can finally start or be finished.

I hope everyone is doing well during all this.

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Unexpected, Old Gas Turn off Valve

We did more work outside today as the temps were near 70 degrees.

As we cleared out the other planter we found an old Gas turn off valve. We didn’t know it was there because of the ground cover plants. Once, we realized what it was we were careful about how we went about clearing everything out of the flower bed.

We didn’t block it in completely. I left the tiger lilies pretty much where they were planted. I did put the rest of the wild flower seeds in the flower bed. I’m hoping that they don’t get washed away with the rain we are getting now.

We had planned on cleaning a smaller flower bed out but our neighbors to an end to that. They were having a cookout ,drinking and getting quite loud. We have other neighbors that do that also but they keep their voices down for the most part. It’s generally a quiet Mobile Home Park to live in.

So, we called it a day and came inside .We had pizza for dinner as it was the quickest thing to make . If the weather is good tomorrow ,we will finish the smaller flower box then be done with the front half of our yard . Hopefully , this week we can start on the enclosure for the vegetable garden. I can’t wait to get it started. Nothing tastes better than Homegrown food.

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Spring Planting

Today was another nice day. So, I gathered my seed starters for indoor starts.

I decided to get out my planting things and ponder what I’m going to plant this year. I have “wild” flowers, fruits and vegetables seeds. It’s going to be exciting to start planting this year.I’m doing containers, this will be the first time I try and grow stuff out of containers.Tomorrow I will put the seeds in the seed starter packs I bought last year.

I bought the seed starter kits, flower seeds,the outside flag, the 2 welcome signs for a $1.80 at Dollar General last October when they were having a sale onto of a sale.The Dollar General next to our place usually has pretty good sales when they want to get rid of things. If I bought everything before hand I would of spent roughly $ 22.00. I’m so glad I waited for a “super”sale.

I have my other seeds put up for now. I still want to order a few more seeds this year.One is a mint lettuce, it looks like a Romaine type lettuce. A few different types of Tomatoes,maybe some Peppers. I’m waiting for my seed catalog to come in. It is going to be an exciting adventure to see what I can grow in containers this year. I’m actually looking forward to being out of this house. I’d love to do a compost but I don’t think the landlord would go for that. I might have to buy or build some type of shelving unit because of the containers. I’m not trying to take a lot of yard space because of our dog.

I’m thinking this is going to be a good year for planting, eating healthier and really getting life in order. Tomorrow is suppose to be another beautiful day weather wise. Hopefully , Winter is about over.I can’t say we actually had a winter this season. We had a lot of cold days and nights and freezing temps but actually having a true winter. We didn’t really experience that this winter .

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It was nice today.

Today was a nice day weather wise.I spent some time outside.

The sun was shinning for the first time in about a week.It was really nice to have natural light come through the windows. With all the projects that still need to be done it was a nice change to get outside. I would love to open windows and let fresh air in but it’s still to chilly for that and we don’t have enough screens for the windows.

So, I’m still doing my spring cleaning along with the everyday cleaning.Today was strip the bed wash the linens and after washing/drying put linens back on the bed.Today was no different when I strip the bed with the cats.It’s usually take the cats off the bed , take the comforter off , take a cat off the bed.I think you get the picture. That’s what it’s like daily here and when you have pets. Our cats CLAIM everything as theirs.

I finally took down and put away the winter decor.I’m liking the simplicity of the shelf and stereo cabinet. I might add some greenery to the shelf but i’m not sure. Like I said in other posts I’m using what I have and I use most everything year round.

I’m hoping that this next weekend we can start on the tip out by enclosing it. We still have to get plywood for the floor. Possibly drywall for the walls if I don’t want to use paneling as the walls. The kitchen is still a work in progress.Plans for that change from time to time but really I need to do a deep cleaning and finish painting cabinets. I did find a kitchen cabinet set I really liked but it’s not in the budget.So, I’ll just deal with what is here and use paint and new hardware to pretty the kitchen up. The only room that doesn’t need any work is our bath/laundry room combo.

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