The Patio, The befores

We’ve been working on outside projects and the Patio is one of those projects.

We have a ways to go before anything is complete. The Garden Enclosure will be started this weekend or early next week. The Patio was an idea from my hubby and I agreed to it . We have a porch that we could use but we wanted an area away from the house.

The front part of our yard was kind of a dead space. We didn’t use it for anything so now we have the start of a patio. The hubby is letting me come up with ideas of how to make it a useful and cozy space .

As you can see it’s not much or pretty for that matter. The grille and wood have been removed. The racks are going to be used as plant holders. We are going to put a piece of wood up against the fence for privacy and noise reduction.

I’m still looking for outside furniture but haven’t found anything I really like. So, I’m going to use dinning chairs that we already have for the time being. We have wood to make a few tables. I’ve got plants so they will be on the patio. We might have to buy a few more pavers but not sure if we will or not, I think we have some but they are smaller than what is already down.

We have a frost warning so we brought in our hanging baskets for the night. Tomorrow they will go back outside and I will get the planters from our back part of the yard and get the flowers transplanted .

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Cleaning the front half of the yard

We prepared our flower bed outside our fence. I dug all the weeds and other things out of the flower bed.

Still have a ways to go. Last fall I bought a box a Wild Seeds on clearance from Dollar General. I’m going to be putting them in the flower bed. We are going to expand the other flower bed that is on the other side of the Arbor.

There are so many pavers that have to be moved. We are going to be repurposing them as a flower bed border. We pulled the bigger pavers to put liner under them. The grass that was under the pavers was removed. It was good to actually get outside for once in quite sometime. I’m glad that it didn’t rain like what was forecasted.

We are using what we had and what was left here, the only things that are new is the fence and the posts. Everything is a mess and I’m okay with it looking like it does. We still have to finish up outside and it will take sometime. Eventually we want to replace the steps leading to up to our porch.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be as nice as today was so we can get back out and do some more work. I need to get my planters out so I can put some seeds in them for the bench . Tomorrow will putting flower seeds in the ground as long as the weather is nice.

I want to take off everything off our porch so I clean give it a major cleaning. I’m not sure when the porch was last cleaned . I’d love to use the porch more than we do now. I’d like to enjoy the outside more than I have in the past.

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A Clean Bathroom/Laundry Area

I finish Cleaning the bathroom/laundry area. I organized the stuff that was on the shelf and changed things out for our tooth brushes and tooth paste.I put both Caddies on the shelf to see which one I liked the most.

I really like the Turquoise color one much better. It fits the shelf way better than the metal one. The new shower curtain is washed/dried and hung up. I also cleaned the stand over our toilet and changed out a few decor pieces.

Most of the hard water stain came up so I’m happy about that.I finally hung a small towel on the towel rack so it’s easier to dry our hand and not get water everywhere.

The metal baskets are from the Better Homes and Garden Caddy set. I used them to hold the electric razor and it’s accessories, one had wipes for glass and the other one is holding Walmart bags that I use for our small trash can.I added some Easter Decor , The Egg Trees can be left out until Summer as they are Spring.

I have to finish the Laundry and I still have to wipe down the outside of my washer and dryer. Overall, the Bathroom/Laundry Area are clean.

My next big tackle is the Kitchen. I have a big cabinet that needs some serious over hall. That is for another day. I might start working on some of it tomorrow.

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Bathroom/Laundry Area

Cleaning and Reorganizing the Bathroom/Laundry area has seen better days.This is one of my trouble spots in our Mobile Home.

It honestly shouldn’t look the way it does but with 2 other Adults living here and no one including myself wants to clean it. It has become a dumping ground for a lot of different things.

When we were in Walmart I pick up 2 different types of serving caddies. I wanted something that I could put on the shelf above our sink. It seems like the serving caddy from Main Stay works well. It hold some of the stuff already on the shelf. I will have to buy another like that to hold the rest of the stuff on the shelf. The cups that came with the serving caddy will be used to hold tooth brushes and tooth paste.

It’s embarrassing to post these pictures but I figured it would hold me accountable to keeping our Bathroom/Laundry Area cleaner than it is. The one thing I hate more than the clutter is the hard water stains on the sink. I’m trying something different to clean it so I’m hoping it works.

The other serving caddy is Better Homes and Garden. I’m using it for the shelf above our washer and dryer area. I would like that area to be used for just our Laundry Detergent , a few decor pieces, a candle and the Electric razors. As, that is the only electric outlet we have in the Bathroom/Laundry Area. The Razors could be put in the cabinets but that seemed to prove not so great. The cabinets seems to get disorganized when the other 2 went looking for them.

I’m doing the rest of the laundry for the Bathroom and cleaning the bathroom/laundry area from top to bottom as it needs it. I’m hoping that what I sprayed on the sink counter works for the hard water. We will see when I go to clean it.

I will blog the Afters pictures when I’m finished with the Bathroom/Laundry Area. As these are some of the Before pictures.

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Enclosing the Tip out

Today was another great day with the sun being out and the temps in the low 60s.

We cleaned the tip out and we moved things around.We still have a few more things to do . We got a small wall built and done, it still needs to be sanded and painted. I changed out my pigs and candle on the shelf, I put my bunnies there. The lanterns has faux Easter eggs in them but not enough to completely fill it.

The small wall before and not so finished.The cabinet still needs to be moved, the plastic on the floor also needs to be moved. I want to put a screen door in with glass as the living room will be losing all its natural lighting from the tip out. The rest of the walls should be done tomorrow, I’m hoping. We have to buy hinges for the screen door,still looking for carpet or a rug for the tip out. I believe we are going to be adding electrical outlets to the walls.

A change of decor. I’m thinking it might need some greenery. I might take out the Easter Eggs and put the Orbs in it for the greenery. If not the Orbs I did see “Spring Garland” at the Dollar Tree that might work. I like how everything looks , I just feel like it’s missing something.

I was talking to my Hubby earlier about taking EVERYTHING out of our Mobile Home and Cleaning it from top to bottom, He had this very concerned/puzzled look on his face. For one we don’t have the space to put everything, no shed. A storage unit would be a waste of money. So, It’s moving pieces around to get everything CLEANED.

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It was nice today.

Today was a nice day weather wise.I spent some time outside.

The sun was shinning for the first time in about a week.It was really nice to have natural light come through the windows. With all the projects that still need to be done it was a nice change to get outside. I would love to open windows and let fresh air in but it’s still to chilly for that and we don’t have enough screens for the windows.

So, I’m still doing my spring cleaning along with the everyday cleaning.Today was strip the bed wash the linens and after washing/drying put linens back on the bed.Today was no different when I strip the bed with the cats.It’s usually take the cats off the bed , take the comforter off , take a cat off the bed.I think you get the picture. That’s what it’s like daily here and when you have pets. Our cats CLAIM everything as theirs.

I finally took down and put away the winter decor.I’m liking the simplicity of the shelf and stereo cabinet. I might add some greenery to the shelf but i’m not sure. Like I said in other posts I’m using what I have and I use most everything year round.

I’m hoping that this next weekend we can start on the tip out by enclosing it. We still have to get plywood for the floor. Possibly drywall for the walls if I don’t want to use paneling as the walls. The kitchen is still a work in progress.Plans for that change from time to time but really I need to do a deep cleaning and finish painting cabinets. I did find a kitchen cabinet set I really liked but it’s not in the budget.So, I’ll just deal with what is here and use paint and new hardware to pretty the kitchen up. The only room that doesn’t need any work is our bath/laundry room combo.

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Cleaning and Painting

Today was a good day weather wise. No rain ,no dreary day.

We took the opportunity to do some serious cleaning . Also got some painting done. The painting actually started last night.We painted the seams and the trim.

Today , while in between coats we were going to clean  our living room carpet. It’s in desperate need of a good scrubbing but we found several soft spots in the flooring. So, the carpet will be pulled up instead and the flooring fixed. The joys of living in a fixer up mobile home.

While doing the cleaning , the laundry , I put a stockpot of water on the stove to boil chicken.It will be de-boned and used for different dinner meals that I have planned for the month.

I did buy a couple of fabrics pieces at Walmart .$ 1.45 each. Each piece is half a yard.I didn’t think that was a bad price. I have plans for the one. I am going to make a piece of art with the fabric and a piece of wood.

So, tomorrow I think I will work on the art work and plan what I want on the hallway walls.I like a lot of different decorating  styles. I’m using what I have to decorate our home.

Do you have a favorite decorating style??

Til next time.

Getting things done.

Today was one of those days.Cold and dreary. So, I spent most of my day cooking, cleaning.I had stockpot of chicken broth going. Potatoes on the burner next to the stockpot.The temp was 29 degrees and windy but the real feel was 6 degrees.

Dinner was meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and a veggie. Really not wanting to do anything but kick back and relax. Things needed to done but the couch kept trying to call my name. I pushed forward. I got the things that needed to be done first. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Winter but I don’t love the deary, miserable days that comes with it. I did spend time with our cats, playing and giving them attention.I don’t know why but our cats are fascinated by me cleaning out their litter boxes.

So tomorrow starts the same process over again just with a few minor differences. Another day of cleaning but a different room. Playing with the cats.

The day comes to a slow end. Waiting for dinner to be finished.