Patio continues

As we continue work on our little yard, the patio is coming along nicely.

I mentioned earlier that I ordered a bench from Amazon , I also ordered a seat cushion. The seat cushion came earlier today and I put it on the bench right away. It looks really nice and the cushion is comfy.

The patio is coming along and I still want/need to add more plants and some décor. I’m going to use what I already have for the décor. The “walls” will hold the décor. I like the Farmhouse Style so that is what I’m going to be using.

It is such a nice day , the temps are in the high 70s. There is a nice breeze so it doesn’t feel so hot. We are also working on cleaning up the junk from the back part of our yard. I’m writing this post in the middle of cleaning our yard.

We have a ways to go before the enclosure for the garden can be built. There is rotting wood and “garbage”. So, it takes time to get things done. We put in a new set of steps in the front of our porch. We took the old steps and put them on the back of our porch. There was a ramp but it took too much of the back up.

Like I said we still have a ways to go. The weather has been holding us back from working in the yard. We have been doing some work even in the rain but not like we should be doing. The porch needs to be cleaned off.

The hubby said that he would like to do another patio off the back of the porch. We will see how that goes. I just know that I want the yard cleaned so we can start working on the enclosed garden. I’m hoping to tackle that sometime next week.

So, What projects have you been doing lately? Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Patio at dusk

We are still working on the outside of our home.

We realized that our Patio might be too small for all the things I want there. I did break down and ordered a bench off of Amazon. Only after I checked Big Lots, Walmart and Facebook Marketplace. Walmart and Big Lots didn’t have anything I liked. Facebook Marketplace had benches but they wanted too much to the point I could buy brand new for about $10.00 to $20.00 more. So, I went on Amazon.

I did get some of the flowers in pots and still have more to put out. Today was a nice day weather wise as tomorrow into next week is going to be not so great. We are expecting thunderstorms through the weekend. The basket over the bench is from ALDI.

Our Goodwill is open so I was able to go and I got a couple of plant stands. We have a firepit but it seems to be too big for our small patio area. We are thinking of maybe making our patio bigger if we can. A lot of stores are still closed but it was nice to go into Goodwill.

The patio is still a work in progress so far I’m liking it . I’m sure that things will change with the patio. I would like to put another piece of wood or lattice behind where the chair is to give it more privacy .

How are things where you live? Is everything stilled closed??

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The Patio, The befores

We’ve been working on outside projects and the Patio is one of those projects.

We have a ways to go before anything is complete. The Garden Enclosure will be started this weekend or early next week. The Patio was an idea from my hubby and I agreed to it . We have a porch that we could use but we wanted an area away from the house.

The front part of our yard was kind of a dead space. We didn’t use it for anything so now we have the start of a patio. The hubby is letting me come up with ideas of how to make it a useful and cozy space .

As you can see it’s not much or pretty for that matter. The grille and wood have been removed. The racks are going to be used as plant holders. We are going to put a piece of wood up against the fence for privacy and noise reduction.

I’m still looking for outside furniture but haven’t found anything I really like. So, I’m going to use dinning chairs that we already have for the time being. We have wood to make a few tables. I’ve got plants so they will be on the patio. We might have to buy a few more pavers but not sure if we will or not, I think we have some but they are smaller than what is already down.

We have a frost warning so we brought in our hanging baskets for the night. Tomorrow they will go back outside and I will get the planters from our back part of the yard and get the flowers transplanted .

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