A Clean Bathroom/Laundry Area

I finish Cleaning the bathroom/laundry area. I organized the stuff that was on the shelf and changed things out for our tooth brushes and tooth paste.I put both Caddies on the shelf to see which one I liked the most.

I really like the Turquoise color one much better. It fits the shelf way better than the metal one. The new shower curtain is washed/dried and hung up. I also cleaned the stand over our toilet and changed out a few decor pieces.

Most of the hard water stain came up so I’m happy about that.I finally hung a small towel on the towel rack so it’s easier to dry our hand and not get water everywhere.

The metal baskets are from the Better Homes and Garden Caddy set. I used them to hold the electric razor and it’s accessories, one had wipes for glass and the other one is holding Walmart bags that I use for our small trash can.I added some Easter Decor , The Egg Trees can be left out until Summer as they are Spring.

I have to finish the Laundry and I still have to wipe down the outside of my washer and dryer. Overall, the Bathroom/Laundry Area are clean.

My next big tackle is the Kitchen. I have a big cabinet that needs some serious over hall. That is for another day. I might start working on some of it tomorrow.

Thank you for stopping by

Til next Time