Container Garden

We have had a lot of rain here lately.

The rain is needed to help our veggies grow in addition to us watering them.

The peppers are coming along nicely. I’m surprised that the potatoes are staring to show life. We planted the potatoes so late , I’m grateful that they are showing life. These pictures were taken on August 3rd,2020.

Some of our tomatoes aren’t showing anything so we’re not sure if it’s too early or if the a disease /bugs got to them. I’m going to take more pictures of the containers later. I’ve been trimming the dead leaves off the plants to help them survive. I have started a compost pile from the leaves of the plants and the leaves that have fallen in our yard.

Our yard is still a mess, we can’t use power tools in the rain so a few projects have been put on hold at least for now.

I’m still working on the inside of our home, rearranging things, painting and trying to declutter. Decluttering seems to be the hardest for me since I use most everything in our home. Whether it some type of Decor or things I use in the kitchen.

Hope everyone is doing GOOD!!!

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Container Gardening

We had so much rain and humidity here for the last 2 weeks on and off that hindered us from doing anything outside.

In between the constant rain and a few times it stop , we managed to get our plants in containers. We made a shelf high off the ground so critters won’t get to them. So, far it worked but how we had the plants placed they weren’t getting enough sunlight.

We have lots of tomatoes , some cucumbers, mint and sweet basil. We used an old Bathroom Tub for our potatoes. Hopefully, the potatoes will grow, this is the first time trying to grow potatoes.

We are new to growing more food this year. We have some experience with tomatoes and peppers. I need to get out 2 more containers so I can plant my lettuces. My seeds came in that I ordered but unfortunately the mint lettuce was out of stock.

The pot that I put the sweet basil is crowded so they will have to be separated into other containers. We are still trying to figure out where to place everything for maximum sunny light. We’ve been busy with the inside of our home and have finished some projects but not all. Some projects have been temporarily on hold. We found a new leak on our tip out so that has to be redone. The leak is in what use to be my room. It didn’t leak that bad but it was enough for me to take all my belongings out, I didn’t want the laptop or other things ruined.

The leak got fixed but I decided to give the room to our cats, They really needed a place to eat and hangout. We had to keep their food up high because our dog would eat their food and her own food.

We are taking it one day at a time here. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost the end of July. 2020 has been a strange year to say the least. It doesn’t “feel” like it should be mid-summer.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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Garden Seedlings

Today I started some of my Seedlings. I’m growing Lettuce, Cabbage , Bell Peppers and Corn. The Corn will be planted directly in the ground. I have to wait about another week or so to plant the Corn according to the package. I’m going to be planting more things but for now I needed to get those seeds started.

We couldn’t get out in the yard today to do more cleaning because of the heavy rain we had. It’s suppose to rain on and off for the next couple days. I’m still hoping to get out in the yard tomorrow and attempt to do some picking up of stuff.

I did a measurement of the yard I want to plant in. It’s 16 ft by 13 ft or 208 square feet according to a chart I looked at online. I think it’s a decent size space. I already have 2 “raised beds” and a beck fence for the corn. I want to grow potatoes, onions, and garlic. So, I have to figure out where to plant those.I’m also looking at companion planting. I don’t want to “kill” anything before I get started.

I might have to draw out a map of the space and get ideas of what can go with what.I’m hoping to get some of what I plant this year. If, I get half or all , that will be great. Since, this is my first time gardening on this scale , I’m not getting my hopes up. I need to see what other seeds we have so I can get them started in the next couple of days.

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Cleaning our yard

The yard got mowed and the cleaning out the yard began. We are hoping to have it clean and cleared out sometime next week. The previous owners had left a mess in the yard so it’s taken time to get it cleaned and cleared out and we still have a ways to go. Wood was left and rotten away, so it might stay and be used as compost .

The flowers need to be transplanted soon, the rocks need to be moved and the fence needs to anchored more than it is now. We have 2 wooden box springs that we are going to be as raised beds. Once, the fence is secured and the ground cleared we are going to plant corn. I wanted the corn to have some to grow up on. I think that the fence will be perfect for that.We found 21 sorted containers in the yard so they will be used for the garden.

We will have to buy posts to enclose the garden because of the outside cats that visit us. We will be buying top soil to use in the garden. I’m working on my starts to go in the garden. I have everything I need to that. Last year I bought Seed Starters from Dollar General on Clearance.It Seed Starter has 36 cells and I bought 3 of them. So, I can start to plant 108 seeds.

Yes, that might seem like a lot but I might not get half of what I grow. I might be a little over cautious but I would hope that since this is my first attempt at gardening I might produce some food. I’m also going to be planting flowers , herbs. I’m planting food that we eat and for the bees,birds. I will work getting my seeds started so that in about 2 to 4 weeks I could get them in the garden.

Our yard is small but I’m thinking that we can grow a lot in a small space if it’s done right. So, some planning will have to be done, I also have to check into companion planting. I already have 2 tomato plants and a lettuce plant that need to go in the ground or in a container. Those, hopefully will be able to go outside tomorrow. I have “wild flowers” that I bought from Dollar General last year that are going to be planted outside our fence in the front and maybe on the side of our Mobile Home.

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The weather here was not so great. It rained, we had a thunderstorm come through that had hail with it.The storm last about 15 to 20 minutes. We were checking out of a store when it came through. We don’t see hail that often so it took some customers and employees by surprise.

My son paid me his part of rent and we went grocery shopping. Along with that I “broke” my no unnecessary spending. I did get my latch for my door to my room and I bought a new lamp for my area. I did find a rug for my room but I didn’t buy it. The rug was $39.99 for a 6 ft by 9 ft, which I didn’t think was to bad of a price.

We bought the latch from Walmart for $ 10.00. The lamp was bought at Ollies for $8.00. Did I need a new lamp , no, not really but I needed a lamp for our living room and really the only spare lamp we had was the one that I was using in my room.

I don’t think it was a bad price considering the ones I look at were a little smaller and cost a little more. I think it fits my room more so than the ones I looked at. We are still having Thunderstorms coming through. We had pizza for dinner because that’s what I wanted for dinner. We did more running today than we’ve done in the last couple of months. Besides going to Walmart , Ollies, We went to Save-Alot, Rural King. I was looking for certain things that Walmart doesn’t carry . I did’t find what I was looking for and that is okay. I added more dinners for us and some breakfast items. So, Today wasn’t a bad shopping day. We still need to add some lunch, snacks.

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Spring Planting

Today was another nice day. So, I gathered my seed starters for indoor starts.

I decided to get out my planting things and ponder what I’m going to plant this year. I have “wild” flowers, fruits and vegetables seeds. It’s going to be exciting to start planting this year.I’m doing containers, this will be the first time I try and grow stuff out of containers.Tomorrow I will put the seeds in the seed starter packs I bought last year.

I bought the seed starter kits, flower seeds,the outside flag, the 2 welcome signs for a $1.80 at Dollar General last October when they were having a sale onto of a sale.The Dollar General next to our place usually has pretty good sales when they want to get rid of things. If I bought everything before hand I would of spent roughly $ 22.00. I’m so glad I waited for a “super”sale.

I have my other seeds put up for now. I still want to order a few more seeds this year.One is a mint lettuce, it looks like a Romaine type lettuce. A few different types of Tomatoes,maybe some Peppers. I’m waiting for my seed catalog to come in. It is going to be an exciting adventure to see what I can grow in containers this year. I’m actually looking forward to being out of this house. I’d love to do a compost but I don’t think the landlord would go for that. I might have to buy or build some type of shelving unit because of the containers. I’m not trying to take a lot of yard space because of our dog.

I’m thinking this is going to be a good year for planting, eating healthier and really getting life in order. Tomorrow is suppose to be another beautiful day weather wise. Hopefully , Winter is about over.I can’t say we actually had a winter this season. We had a lot of cold days and nights and freezing temps but actually having a true winter. We didn’t really experience that this winter .

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Grocery Shopping and Pillow Cases

We did something that we haven’t been able to do in awhile.

We went Grocery Shopping today and we were able to put a months worth of Dinners in our freezers.We also picked up Milk and Chocolate Milk. We already had Bread , Eggs, Shredded Cheese on hand. We picked up lunch meat for lunches.

I’ve tried to Menu Plan in the past but it didn’t go well.I try and shop sales but what we like to eat usually isn’t on sale.Or should I say what’s normally on sale we don’t eat. So, I’m happy to have a months worth of dinners in the house.We bought fruits and Oatmeal this time around also.

I try and keep some type of fruit in the house but it gets eaten quickly. The food we bought today will be planned out so we don’t eat the same every week. I tend to add Breakfasts to our dinners.I like to change things up quite a bit.So, it’s never boring and we don’t get tired of eating our favorite foods.

We stopped by Goodwill today and they were having a decent sale going on. I bought 3 sets of Pillow cases and some head bands. The Pillow cases are for the Floral sheet set we bought awhile back.The Pillow cases are all white, all different styles. Did I need all 3 sets, no but I figured for the price I couldn’t pass them up.,plus I could change out the look of the sheet set.

The freezer isn’t as packed as I would like it but for now this is fine.The frig/freezer has dinners for the next 10 days.I will have to go back out next week and pick up more milk and bread, fruits.

The colorful headbands were a want and a need . I prefer to keep my hair off my face. My bangs are to my chin. It seems my skin it sensitive . I prefer to keep my hair up especially when I’m cleaning, I also put it up when I’m writing. WE spent around $11.00 at Goodwill.

We spent $ 71.00 at Aldi and $ 105 at Walmart. I try not and shop at Walmart that much but It seems that we do some of our shopping. I have a love/hate with Walmart.As, I’m sure several others do. So, for now our grocery shopping is done.I feel really good about having a months worth of dinners in the house as we already had breakfast and lunches. It might not be the healthy of stuff to eat but for us, it gets us by.

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Getting things done.

Today was one of those days.Cold and dreary. So, I spent most of my day cooking, cleaning.I had stockpot of chicken broth going. Potatoes on the burner next to the stockpot.The temp was 29 degrees and windy but the real feel was 6 degrees.

Dinner was meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and a veggie. Really not wanting to do anything but kick back and relax. Things needed to done but the couch kept trying to call my name. I pushed forward. I got the things that needed to be done first. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Winter but I don’t love the deary, miserable days that comes with it. I did spend time with our cats, playing and giving them attention.I don’t know why but our cats are fascinated by me cleaning out their litter boxes.

So tomorrow starts the same process over again just with a few minor differences. Another day of cleaning but a different room. Playing with the cats.

The day comes to a slow end. Waiting for dinner to be finished.