These flowers were from seeds I planted last year. I didn’t expect anything to grow . I’m happy that there are flowers and I didn’t have to replant anything. The other side needs something but I’m not sure if I want to plant flowers or some type of bush or anything at all.

The hubby and I keep discussing moving back to our other Mobile Home . The cost and if we remodel it. It might be just put back the original way and live in for a little while.

My friend gave me this cabinet , I have to move somethings around in the kitchen . I’m still working on the kitchen. I like the chippyness of the cabinet . It was cleaned but I’ll have to go back over it again.

We bought the stove off of Facebook Market place at the beginning of the month. The leg needs to reattached and some parts we have to get. It’s a gas stove. I’ve been wanting an old/vintage stove for a very long time. It’s in our storage unit for now. Once, we find the parts it needs , we will begin to work on it . It might go in our other Mobile Home or it might go in a whole different home.

We are looking at Moving out of the Mobile Home Park and looking into moving to a different part of the state.. Nothing is written in stone , we are keeping our options open. The hubby has his job for now. Hubby was told he had a job until September but wasn’t guaranteed anything after that.

So, that might be an opportune time to move or stay here and deal with everything that is going on with the Mobile Home Park. We will see as time goes. We are saving money for whatever situation occurs.

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Flowers and Yardwork

We’ve been busy here, trying to get our yard cleaned up. We’ve made progress but still have a ways to go.

The front part of our yards looks good. The “wildflowers” that I planted are coming up nicely in one of the planters. The other side is slowly coming up.

It seems that the flowers are crowded , I’m going to thin them out a little or I might just leave them the way they are. I really like how they look. We have weeds growing through out our yard so we are going to be pulling them soon. We have a HEAT ADVISORY for tomorrow so not much will be done outside.

That is what is left in our back/side yard to do. The firepit was left here and it’s falling apart , the bike is my sons and he is going to be using it for parts. We still need to finish the fence to enclose it. I still need to get my Fall Garden in and leave room for our dog. The picture was taken from our steps on our porch.

We did plant some veggies in pots earlier today. I will post another blog post about it tomorrow. We might try and do some yardwork if it’s not too hot or humid. We still have inside projects to finish. The hubby mentioned something about redoing the bathroom so we will see how that goes.

I still need to paint parts of the pantry and finish painting our bedroom. Our bedroom is nearly done and I’ll write a blog about that as well once it’s done.

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Patio continues

As we continue work on our little yard, the patio is coming along nicely.

I mentioned earlier that I ordered a bench from Amazon , I also ordered a seat cushion. The seat cushion came earlier today and I put it on the bench right away. It looks really nice and the cushion is comfy.

The patio is coming along and I still want/need to add more plants and some décor. I’m going to use what I already have for the décor. The “walls” will hold the décor. I like the Farmhouse Style so that is what I’m going to be using.

It is such a nice day , the temps are in the high 70s. There is a nice breeze so it doesn’t feel so hot. We are also working on cleaning up the junk from the back part of our yard. I’m writing this post in the middle of cleaning our yard.

We have a ways to go before the enclosure for the garden can be built. There is rotting wood and “garbage”. So, it takes time to get things done. We put in a new set of steps in the front of our porch. We took the old steps and put them on the back of our porch. There was a ramp but it took too much of the back up.

Like I said we still have a ways to go. The weather has been holding us back from working in the yard. We have been doing some work even in the rain but not like we should be doing. The porch needs to be cleaned off.

The hubby said that he would like to do another patio off the back of the porch. We will see how that goes. I just know that I want the yard cleaned so we can start working on the enclosed garden. I’m hoping to tackle that sometime next week.

So, What projects have you been doing lately? Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Staying Home

We went to Walmart so my son could cash his paycheck. All I wanted to do was stay home.

I’ve wanted nothing to do with the outside world for the last week. It seems like this is recurring with me from time to time. For so reason it really hit home that I don’t want to go anywhere and do as little as possible.

I’ve been keeping to myself and watching videos and reading blogs on homesteading, gardening , self sufficiency. Not so much on watching or reading about decorating your home on a budget, hauls, or anything that has to do with decorating.

For the most part our home is decorated or filled with everything we really like /love. I don’t really enjoy shopping like I use to which is a good thing. We are paying our bills and paying off some debt we have. We don’t know if hubby will have a job to go back to. He hasn’t heard anything from his Company. So, like many people it’s a wait and see as the Country is slowly opening back up.

I’ve been cooking and cleaning around the house. I’m really wanting to get outside and do more work in our yard. We have had crazy weather here on and off for the last week. We brought in our hanging baskets because we had a freeze warning and will continue to have freeze warning until Monday. The temp tomorrow is suppose to be in the 60s but night temps are below freezing.

This weather is strange , I don’t remember last May being like this. Next week the temps are suppose to be in the 60s to 70s but Thunderstorms are also forecasted. We did get a piece of wood for our fence and it is put up. It’s part privacy and part noise control. I also put an outdoor rug on our patio. That’s as far as I got with the patio. I have plants that I want to put on the patio but the weather is preventing me from doing that.

I will get outside tomorrow and do some work , take my plants out . I want to get our patio area “DOLLED UP”. I’m going to see if my hubby can build me a small bench or two for some of the plants we bought.

Is there any projects you’ve been working on??

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The Patio, The befores

We’ve been working on outside projects and the Patio is one of those projects.

We have a ways to go before anything is complete. The Garden Enclosure will be started this weekend or early next week. The Patio was an idea from my hubby and I agreed to it . We have a porch that we could use but we wanted an area away from the house.

The front part of our yard was kind of a dead space. We didn’t use it for anything so now we have the start of a patio. The hubby is letting me come up with ideas of how to make it a useful and cozy space .

As you can see it’s not much or pretty for that matter. The grille and wood have been removed. The racks are going to be used as plant holders. We are going to put a piece of wood up against the fence for privacy and noise reduction.

I’m still looking for outside furniture but haven’t found anything I really like. So, I’m going to use dinning chairs that we already have for the time being. We have wood to make a few tables. I’ve got plants so they will be on the patio. We might have to buy a few more pavers but not sure if we will or not, I think we have some but they are smaller than what is already down.

We have a frost warning so we brought in our hanging baskets for the night. Tomorrow they will go back outside and I will get the planters from our back part of the yard and get the flowers transplanted .

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Unexpected, Old Gas Turn off Valve

We did more work outside today as the temps were near 70 degrees.

As we cleared out the other planter we found an old Gas turn off valve. We didn’t know it was there because of the ground cover plants. Once, we realized what it was we were careful about how we went about clearing everything out of the flower bed.

We didn’t block it in completely. I left the tiger lilies pretty much where they were planted. I did put the rest of the wild flower seeds in the flower bed. I’m hoping that they don’t get washed away with the rain we are getting now.

We had planned on cleaning a smaller flower bed out but our neighbors to an end to that. They were having a cookout ,drinking and getting quite loud. We have other neighbors that do that also but they keep their voices down for the most part. It’s generally a quiet Mobile Home Park to live in.

So, we called it a day and came inside .We had pizza for dinner as it was the quickest thing to make . If the weather is good tomorrow ,we will finish the smaller flower box then be done with the front half of our yard . Hopefully , this week we can start on the enclosure for the vegetable garden. I can’t wait to get it started. Nothing tastes better than Homegrown food.

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