Kitchen part 1

Back in December 2021 , We started tackling our Kitchen. Not the best thing to do especially in winter . We had to replace the floor underneath our stove as it was sagging and the stove had a slight tilt to it. The cabinet next to the stove was unusable, wasted space. I had a cabinet that I wanted to put next to the stove that would be usable.

We turned off the gas to the stove , moved the stove out of the way . Tore out the old linoleum ,2 layers of it. It was a pain to do. The kitchen was upside down for a while. I still had to cook and do dishes with all this going on.

As you can see it was horrific to say the least. Everything was mostly done in somewhat of a “timely” manner. I was going to kitchen stuff and putting anywhere I could with the limited space we have. We put plywood down on the floor that my hubby brought home from work. I would love to do a lot more to the kitchen but at the moment things have to wait.

The stove looks bad but it was from all the cooking I did because I knew Id be without the stove for a short period of time. We did this on an extreme budget. A lot of sweat , sore backs , hands and feet. Is the kitchen done ,No but for now it is. We used what we had on hand (plywood from hubbys job).The one wall is incomplete that’s why there is a pallet up. I like it and thats what matters most.

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care and talk soon

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