These flowers were from seeds I planted last year. I didn’t expect anything to grow . I’m happy that there are flowers and I didn’t have to replant anything. The other side needs something but I’m not sure if I want to plant flowers or some type of bush or anything at all.

The hubby and I keep discussing moving back to our other Mobile Home . The cost and if we remodel it. It might be just put back the original way and live in for a little while.

My friend gave me this cabinet , I have to move somethings around in the kitchen . I’m still working on the kitchen. I like the chippyness of the cabinet . It was cleaned but I’ll have to go back over it again.

We bought the stove off of Facebook Market place at the beginning of the month. The leg needs to reattached and some parts we have to get. It’s a gas stove. I’ve been wanting an old/vintage stove for a very long time. It’s in our storage unit for now. Once, we find the parts it needs , we will begin to work on it . It might go in our other Mobile Home or it might go in a whole different home.

We are looking at Moving out of the Mobile Home Park and looking into moving to a different part of the state.. Nothing is written in stone , we are keeping our options open. The hubby has his job for now. Hubby was told he had a job until September but wasn’t guaranteed anything after that.

So, that might be an opportune time to move or stay here and deal with everything that is going on with the Mobile Home Park. We will see as time goes. We are saving money for whatever situation occurs.

Thanks for stopping by.

Til next time

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