Update of sorts 2

This is what I did get done. The totes and the things on them have to be gone through. All the dishes are done and put away. The single painted door was done a while back , I didn’t like the color so I quit painting and it remains the same.

It’s late here and I can’t really make a lot of noise so I will vacuum tomorrow. I’m more than likely going to be really sore tomorrow after moving one big piece of furniture and putting in a smaller one.

I did manage to keep the smaller appliances that get used in the new cabinet. I have another small metal cabinet that houses 2 small crocks, frying pans and the hubbys deep fryer.

We need to put a piece of drywall on the upper part of the wall? I was thinking about a shelf of some sort and maybe some hooks. I have Cast Iron that I’d like to hang/ display.

So, for now this is how it is. Tomorrow is another day. The last time I moved furniture around , I was out of commission for two days. I’m hoping that , that doesn’t happen.

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Til next time

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