Updates of sorts

It’s been a long time since I posted anything on my Blog. Am I embarrassed , yes to a point. I’ve been struggling Mentally over the last few months, of which a lot of it was out of my control. It still affects me because of where we live.

The kitchen became a dumping ground for a lot of stuff. Really the whole house has but I did manage to get the living room cleaned and it’s still relativity clean. I gave up my craft room to our cats. So, now the hubby and I share the game room/office area.

I did clean the kitchen by that I mean doing the dishes and putting them away I took out the big cabinet as I felt crowded by it. I did replace it with a small mental kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is just waiting for me to put things in the smaller cabinet.

Now that the small cabinet is where the big one is I have wall space and I had to decide what goes and what stays.

We own 2 mobile homes in the Mobile home park we live in . One has not electric , which we have to fix so we can possibly move back into it. The one we live in now is slowly falling apart. No matter what we do to fix one area another seems to be needing attention.

Last night Hubby and I were talking and he said he was ready to move . We have several neighbors is nice to your face then runs to the landlord . Within the last year several people have moved in then moved out. Between the drugs, the fighting and a few other things , it’s too much.

We had a small garden last year but it doesn’t seem like is going to happen this year. Flowers are ok but growing food is shunned . I’m thinking about doing containers but still not sure because of the neighbors.

We will stay here as long as we have to but if we can go sooner , we will.

I take it one day at a time and stay to myself. It sucks that I find myself staying more and more inside my home. I’m slowly getting better . My Journaling has helped. I really enjoy myself when I’m doing that.

The top of the cabinet needs to be fixed . I put a piece of wood under just to give it a lift. Everything that is in the tote came from the bigger cabinet. I need to wash everything and decide if I’m keeping all it. The kitchen is that bad now just very unorganized. So, That is what I’m going to be working on since I have some Mental clarity and energy to do it.

I’ll post pictures and write another post when I get everything put away. I’ll go more into maybe us moving out of the Mobile Home Park.

Til next time.

Please take care of yourself for yourself!!!!

2 thoughts on “Updates of sorts

  1. That little cabinet is super cute! Sorry you’ve been having so much trouble with the neighbors and stuff. Your journaling is real nice. Hope things work out for you guys!


  2. Thank you. Hubby is going to inquire about a loan for a piece of property we saw. Depending on how that goes we will either be saying to move or put the money into the other trailer. I really do enjoy journaling, it’s been helping a lot. Thank you again.

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