More of My Journal/Scrapbook

I’ve been slowly working on my Journal/Scrapbook. Not everyday but when the mood hits for something to be put in it.

I’ve also been writing my thoughts and feelings on a separate sheet that could be burned later. I’m trying to find different techniques that work for me as I’m trying to HEAL my past.

I did write a little in my book. I’m also using things that speak to me. I did leave spaces for future writings, pictures or drawings.

I tried something I saw on a Youtube Video, adding a card to write and decorate. I’m working on myself to heal me Heal and be more Creative. I have found that there is no wrong way to Journal/Scrapbook. Basically , you put down things that speak to you. It’s a personal thing.

I’m really liking it and I should be doing it more. Maybe It should journal my feelings also . I just might start doing that. Some of my feelings need a separate place and need to be Healed .

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2 thoughts on “More of My Journal/Scrapbook

  1. I counted my journals from the past 25 years. There’s about 60 of them! Most of them are what I call prayer journals. Dear God…and I’d write out my prayers..problems..hopes…ask for help. It helped me through a lot of bad things. Now I am having to think about what to do with them. I might go through and take certain things out and get rid of the rest. Which will be awfully tedious.

    So having that separate page to burn from your scrapbook/journal is a good idea…so is journaling. My journals were just writing..nothing creative like yours.


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