It’s beginning to look like Christmas

This year we decided to put up a real wreath.

We were going to buy a real tree this year but decided against it because of our cats and neither one of us wants to be picking up the pine needles that fall from the tree.

We decided to not put a tree up at least in our living room. I have a small semi-flocked tree in my bedroom. It’s not decorated as of yet. We did put out our Santas and some of our Christmas decorations.

I still have to decorate my china cabinet and a few other places in the living room. I’m thinking about putting up our musical string lights. My desk is decorated but I still need to add the pinecones to a basket that is sitting on my desk.

I decided that I didn’t want the desk to be overcrowded with Christmas Decor. I kept it fairly simple this year. I might add fairie lights to it but I’m not sure because of the cats.

We still have some cleaning and moving things around so it will feel extra homey. I still have a lot more Christmas Decor but this is pretty much what we put out so far.

This area still needs to be completed . The stereo is doing under the pallet. We might have got a late start with Christmas Decorating but at least we have some out.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Thanks for stopping by

Til next next.

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