Something Different, Scrapbooking

I’ve been in a real FUNK for about the last month or so I thought I would try Scrapbooking.

I’m hoping that by making a scrapbook it will help with the creative process and get me unfunked.

The journal came from Joann fabrics, it was a 3 pack for less than 6 dollars. I painted the inside cover and first page. I gathered everything that I wanted to use and started working on it once the paint dried.

The cover and first page are some what done and I started on the next 2 pages. I didn’t paint the pages as I felt it wasn’t necessary. This is new to me and I did enjoy it so I will continue to work on my scrapbook. I might try double sided tape to see if that is a better way to go.

There probably won’t be any rhyme or reason for future pages in the book just what I feels that needs to be in it. So, this is another creative outlet for me. If I had a keyboard I’d be playing tunes on it.

thanks for stopping by

Til next time

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