New room

The new room is done minus some trim and the door not being changed out. The door is the same door that my son postered.

I used everything I already had on hand with the exception of drop cloths. The brown dresser and bed were bought from family . The drop cloths are used as curtains. We paid 10.00 a piece fr them and there are 3 in the room.

The table is a make shift desk , the chair was a Goodwill find. The rug was mislabeled , it said that it was a 7×9 and actually it’s 8×10, we paid 40.00 for it. The rug covers the carpet underneath.

The cabinet is two separate pieces both from Goodwill . I painted the top to match the both. The closet still needs the trim to be put back up. Still need to hang pictures on the walls.

This is my bedroom as my Hubby went back to work and now is on daylight. With me being up and down most nights it’s hard for him to get any sleep. This is working for both of us. I’m a night owl and I prefer to do things at night. I’m in the front of our Mobile Home and he is in the middle. I don’t vacuum in the middle of the night. I do a lot of cleaning at night though.

The paint was a mis tint that we got from Busy Beaver Hardware. The paint can wasn’t labeled as to what the color was.

Thanks for stopping by.

Til next time

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