Progress on room

As you know my son moved out and we started cleaning it and attempting to take posters and book pages off of the door and part of a wall.

This is before I started to strip the poster and pictures.

This is the after with “damage” done to the paint on the wall and door. I’m not worried so much about the door as I am about the wall. I took of the top of the drywall covering trying to get the pictures off the wall. I had planned on taking all the paint off the door just so I can repaint it.

The door had the poster and two different paint colors on it. So, I still need to finish taking off the remaining paint , lightly sand it and repaint it again. That should be interesting to see how it goes.

Hubby did finish the closet, he made the outside walls bigger. That will be in another blog post. Tomorrow we will be back in the room hopefully to finish the door and primer and painting the walls.

We took my son shopping yesterday so he could get a few more things that he wanted. He likes his new place.

We don’t have a lot to do in the room it’s just time consuming. I’m hoping to have my things in there by next weekend. I’m still deciding on how I want the room to look and feel, the paint color will have a deciding factor on that.

Thanks for stopping by

Til next time.

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