The work begins

I started working on the mess that was on the wall that my son had left. I remembered why I dislike Wallpaper and wall boarders so much.

It takes a lot of time, effort and patience to take it off a wall bad thing thou it isn’t even wallpaper. My son put pictures from a book and he used mod podge to do. It’s pretty much the same concept. It’s still a pain to take down.

This is what I used to try and take it off . It kind of worked and the smell isn’t too bad . It does require a lot of elbow grease. The process is kind of long for me. I made progress but nowhere ,where I’d like to be.

This is where it was sprayed and left for a little while to do it’s magic.

While the stuff was soaking and some elbow grease applied to it. That is where I left it because my hand started to hurt. So, tomorrow I will try and finish taking it off before I bring out my sander and see what I can do with it.

I was hoping to be a little further along in the room but that is not the case. Since my son is out and we can actually look into the room , it needs a little more work than anticipated. So, we are deciding what absolutely needs to be done in the room.

The floor has a few soft spots so that is a concern and will be dealt with. We already have drywall for the closet. We will need to pick up plywood.

What we already have is drywall, paint, drop cloths(curtains) and an 8ft by 10ft rug. The price of plywood has gone up so we might wait to get them or might pick up a couple of sheets of it.

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