Son moving out

My son got his 1st Apartment and is living on his own for the first time in his life. I’m hoping it will be a wonderful experience for him.

My son only took what he needed for now and left a lot of his stuff behind to be packed and moved to his new apartment. So, hubby and I packed up the rest of his stuff .

This is everything my son left and we are taking to him on Friday since it’s his day off. I’m happy that he was able to get a place of his own. So, once everything is out I can get in there and clean it and repaint the bedroom. The peach walls were painted that color when we bought the Mobile home.

He mod podge the poster to the door and pictures from a book on the wall. So. I’m going to tackle that in the next day or two. We bought stuff for that. I’m hoping that it works.

Once the room is cleared and everything is off the wall, it’s getting a paint job. We have to replace some of the flooring as there are weak spots, the carpet is coming out as there are paint spots . So, it will be a busy few days for us. All the projects that we are doing are minor. Some are patch jobs, some are moving things around and some are putting plywood down .

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3 thoughts on “Son moving out

  1. Well mama, how do you feel about that? Have you figured out how you’re going to use the room yet??

    Funny, my daughter moved out on Sunday. She is sharing an apartment with 2 sisters and a cousin. I have turned her room into a playroom/homeschool room for my 5 year-old…and yes, it doesn’t seem like ill ever be an empty-nester. But as a mom of 6 with 5 that have flown the nest, being a family/household of 3 feels very weird!


  2. A little sad and a little happy all at the same time. My son was the last to “officially” leave home. My daughters left quite some time ago. So, now we are empty nesters. We are a household of 2 with several cats and a dog. The room is going to be for me . I will be writing a post about it.

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  3. That’s great that the room is yours! Be looking forward to seeing it in a post. Yeah…it can be a little bittersweet when kids leave.
    It seemed the house got a little quieter when my daughter moved out.

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