We finally took out the existing cabinet in our Pantry. Just by taking it out it gave of extra room.

We still have to actually work on the Pantry. We have to redo and change walls but for now this will work. We are using what we have as my Hubby is still unemployed. So some projects are temporally put on hold . We have to budget all projects now and the prices here on things have almost doubled.

This cabinet use to be in our Living room that housed my decor. We revamped the Living room and had no place for it so the cabinet is being used in the Pantry. The paneling behind the cabinet is temporary until we get a wall built but for now it works. The baskets came from Goodwill. They baskets house snacks , instant potatoes and gray mixes. The basket on the top is holding the off brand K-cups. The bottom holds my canning jars, a meat slicers and my pressure cooker. We picked up the canning jars and meat slicer from Goodwill and the pressure cooker from Walmart.

The other side of the pantry. The cabinet houses overflow/extras that I’ve stocked up on. The frig is in here as well. I’d prefer it in the kitchen but at the moment it stays in the pantry. The kitchen has to done before I can move the frig. We found a few weak spots in the kitchen and one of those spots is where the frig will go. I’m hoping that within the next month or two we can start on the kitchen but we will see.

This side of the pantry is as soon as you walk in and to the left. The table is there to hold groceries while we put things away. The freezer is in here as well and it will stay in here once we do the kitchen .I’m not exactly sure of the size of the pantry but it pretty decent.

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2 thoughts on “Pantry

  1. That shelf works great for a pantry! Looks great with your “new” baskets! I tell you I’ve been bitten by the second-hand store bug lately!


  2. Thank you! Me too, I found a few nice wood pieces of furniture , a tv cabinet that could be used to hold quilts and such also a wooden coffee table. I didn’t get either ,the prices weren’t bad.


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