Updating the Livingroom

We’ve been working on different projects in our home and the outside.

I decided that the Livingroom “needed” an update so the Hubby painted one wall and still has one more to paint. We bought a paint sprayer so he tried it out on the Livingroom wall. The color I decided was BLUE GREY SKY and that is what it looks like.

We had White walls since we moved in and it took a couple of years for me to decide on Color for the walls. White walls SHOW everything.

The Before and The After, I like it. Once , the Livingroom is finished I’ll decide on what come back into the space.

The other side still needs to be finished .The TV will be leaving this week , it’s too big and bulky for our space . We probably won’t replace the TV anytime soon. The paint came from Walmart. Paint is getting expensive especially from Walmart. $ 15.00 a gallon for their cheap paint, The cheapest paint was around $10.00 a gallon.

We have enough paint so We won’t have to buy any anytime soon. The Hallway is going to be getting repainted. I bought a gallon of miss tint for $10.00 from Busy Beaver Hardware . The Hallway will be done the road as we are trying to finish up on other projects plus tend to our container garden.

The containers are doing good but a few things have me concerned, like some of our Cucumbers growing slow and some of the tomatoes not growing at all.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Thanks for stopping by

Til next time

3 thoughts on “Updating the Livingroom

  1. That looks like one of our paint color options. It was a blue grey color called something like cloudy sky but we went with a plain blue. I think I should have done the other. I think it looks nice.

    Don’t feel bad about your garden.. I’m not getting much either 🙂 glad to read your post.

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  2. Hi Christina. I wanted to let you know that I started another new blog…lol I want to have it for a more dedicated home blog.. Its called johannaathomeblog.wordpress.com
    Please come by. Thanks…


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