Big Lots

It’s still quite hot here but the humidity wasn’t to bad.

We had to go grocery shopping for a few things and we stopped at Big Lots so I could get my flavored water. I like Sparkling ICE Black Raspberry, Big Lots is the only place that has them for less than a dollar.

While we were in Big Lots I decided to look around the store to see if they had any sales going on. I looked at bed linens (no, we don’t need any), I also looked at the candles, I didn’t find any that appealed to me.

I checked out their Fall decor and boy was I amazed at the stuff they have this year. The Fall Decor looked like stuff you would find at Hobby Lobby. We left with only the water I wanted and a bag of chips for the Hubby.

We are still working on our home and getting prepared for this winter. We’ve heard that it’s suppose to be a bad winter. We are saving money for a woodstove. We have lost power during the winters before and we didn’t liked it but we did get through them. I know winter is several months away but it’s not to early to prepare for it now.

Hope everyone is doing well!!

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One thought on “Big Lots

  1. Sometimes it’s just fun to look! Big Lots has good seasonal stuff. I like their furniture prices – bought from them before and they also have lots of good garden stuff..
    We have the woodstove, but not the pipe, which is pretty expensive. We are hoping ours can be finished by winter but I’m not holding my breath. No budget for it.


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