Hot and Humid

The last few days were HOT and today was HOT and Humid.

I didn’t get to water my containers until late in the evening. The plants had wilted due to the heat and humidity.

I’m hoping I can get outside to trim the leaves off the plants that needs it. We did go to Walmart and we picked up some String lights for of our porch.

I’m still working on the inside of our home. We were given a big projector TV for free , we don’t watch it and it’s now taking up space that I want to use. So, in the next few day it will be going to Goodwill unless we can find someone who wants it.

I did move a few pieces around to make being in kitchen easier for me. It got me thinking more about painting the walls in the kitchen.

More on that later .

Thanks for stopping by..

Til next time.

The String lights we bought from Walmart. WordPress finally “uploaded” this picture so I thought I would update my post.

3 thoughts on “Hot and Humid

    1. I’m hoping the plants spring back to life. Still working on our bedroom. The light fixture in the ceiling doesn’t work so the Hubby has to cap-off the electrical to it. The only wall that I still need to do is the chalkboard wall.

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  1. Stop by my post…I updated with a picture of my flowers this morning. I’m sure yours will do just as well. Been waiting for that chalk wall!


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